Jet Therapy RIB Ride Pembrokeshire

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Experience powerboating in Pembrokeshire and enjoy some intense, G force inducing moves in a superb powerboat with this hour long RIB ride. Hang on tight and prepare to get wet!

  • Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire)
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£ 28

Jet Therapy RIB Ride Pembrokeshire

Experience powerboating in Pembrokeshire and enjoy some intense, G force inducing moves in a superb powerboat with this hour long RIB ride. Hang on tight and prepare to get wet!

This Pembrokeshire RIB ride is exactly the Jet Therapy you need. Taking place off the coast of St. David's Peninsula, this is a 1 hour fast and furious RIB experience designed to show you just what the amazing Ocean Dynamics Ribworker Jet Boat is really capable of. If you're a fan of open water, Hamilton Turns (Doughnuts!) and the wind in your face, this experience is the one for you!

You start the experience with a quick briefing.Then you jump onboard and get kitted out with your life jacket and prepare for the RIB ride of your life! The guides know these boats like the back of their hands, and they know just how to get the very best out of them. Prepare to hang on tight and get wet, because once you've reached open water you're going to need a firm grip! The driver will make the most of the sea conditions (and some trademark manoeuvres) to showcase the phenomenal manoeuvrability, 360 steering, superb power braking and brilliant buoyancy of these mad machines. Don't wear your brand new trainers for this one, because you are absolutely guaranteed to get water on them! On top of this high octane Jet RIB ride, you'll experience some of the gorgeous scenery and wildlife native to this beautiful little part of the UK... and you'll be happy to know that these boats and the centre's owners operate a high-adventure, low-environmental impact policy.

If you want to experience some serious powerboating in Pembrokeshire waters, and you like a little nature to go with your nautical madness, then this Jet Therapy RIB ride - complete with trademarked white-water inducing moves - is just the powerboating experience for you!

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This is a seasonal experience, so availability will be extremely limited between October and May.

For specific availability, please contact our customer service team.


Minimum age: 10 years (12 years for 'adult' experience)
Participants under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

There is no maximum age restriction, however if you have any mobility issues, back or neck problems, or are pregnant, this RIB adventure will not be appropriate.

Any medical problems will need to be made clear to the centre upon booking a date.

Please note that there will be a number of steps down to the boat.


Experience Duration: 01:00

Time at Venue: 02:20

This experience last for approximately 1 hour.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Jet Therapy RIB Ride Pembrokeshire is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

You may bring spectators along on the day, however the will not be able to board the boat with you. Plus it is much more fun for them if they join in on the action!

Where is it Located
What to wear

All participants will be fitted with a life jacket upon arrival.

You are advised to bring warm, waterproof clothes, and possibly a change of clothes with you, as you will get wet on this experience.
Additional waterproofs are available upon request (free of charge).


This experience is generally unnaffected by wet weather, however, all trips are subject to sea and extreme weather conditions.

Wet and Wild

We (family of 5) went for the 1 1/2 hour "Wet and Wild" trip and I can highly recommend it. Lots of excitement and high speed turns coupled with a tour around Ramsey island and very informative commentary from the crew during the quieter moments when we saw seals and many types of sea birds. Venture Jet were very helpful when I wanted to change my booking and are a pleasure to deal with. We'll be back next year.

- Pembrokeshire
£ 28
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