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It's no surprise that tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, but have you really experimented with the impressive number of flavours out there? For all you tea-lovers, this partner interview with the Bluebird Tea Co. will let you know the health benefits of tea, why their business has been recognised as an award-winning tea blending workshop, their recommended blends, and much more. 

Q1: What makes Bluebird Tea Co an award-winning business? 

Our blends are award-winning for their innovative flavours. Every tea has been hand blended by Tea Mixologist and Cofounder Krisi Smith, listening to what our passionate communiTEA love and want to drink. We go above and beyond for our customers, listening to their feedback and suggestions. In our stores our team excite every person with our unique range and genuine enthusiasm. Every customer is greeted with a sample (because who doesn’t love a free sample!) and directed towards our ‘tea wall’ which holds all 90+ blends– we think it’s the magic that we have created in our amazing team, our amazing fans that love what we do and of course, the really tasty tea all play a part in us becoming award-winning!

Q2: What is the most interesting fact you have heard about tea, that few people would know?

Did you know that you can re-steep oolong blends up to 7 times?! Our award winning Peppermint Cream oolong blend tastes every bit as delicious the 7th time it's leaves are brewed! 

Q3: What are the health benefits that tea provides us, to encourage healthy living?

There are many health benefits of tea, but we like to focus on the happiness it brings to people's lifestyles and the delight that comes with having a good ol' cuppa. Our Matcha range is high in anti-oxidants as you consume the whole leaf – releasing energy slowly, which is hugely popular with our customers who are trying to reduce their coffee intake, Matcha never gives you the bleurgh caffeine crash that coffee sometimes can.

Q4: Why would you say your tea blends are so special?

The flavours of all of our teas are exciting. We are fruit tea experts (we can get them to taste exactly how they smell!) and we have the UK's biggest selection of naturally caffeine free blends out there! There's never any nasties in our teas, and we work hard to make our tea bags and packaging as environmentally friendly as we can.

Q5: How do you differentiate your experience of tea blending to similar workshops?

We have a passion for blending – and showing you the fabulous ways you can do this at home. You may try flavours you never have before and brew your teas in ways you never thought possible!

Q6: What blend of tea would you say is the dark horse and you’d highly recommend people trying?

That’s the amazing thing about our teas – there are so many different flavours that you wouldn’t think could be re-created in a mug! When browsing the shelves or the website see what jumps out at you! It might be Rhubarb + Custard, Enchanted Narnia or Monkey Chops!

Thank you very much, Kate, for answering our questions about your wonderful tea blending workshop. It's very obvious that your team have an enormous amount of passion for tea blending and love to share this with customers . Now, I think it's time to pop the kettle on! 

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