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As the dark nights draw in, winter becomes a time for us all to hibernate, and, more importantly…feast! Located just off the River Thames in London, The Medieval Banquet provides an exciting dining experience like no other, transporting you back to the middle ages for an evening you won't forget. Famous for their lively entertainment and delicious banquets, we wanted to get to know more about our partner The Medieval Banquet, and how they’re gearing up for the festive period.

Can you tell us about the history of The Medieval Banquet and how it began?

Over 40 years of banquets, 1,000 years of history!

A thousand years ago, the Middle Ages were taking place right here, beneath our very feet! We wanted to make time travel possible for everyone, by offering an extraordinary dinner-theatre experience with King Henry VIII and his court. When our knights courageously take to the banquet floor and battle, it is not just for your entertainment; it is also in some part to re-enact our history!

Upon arrival, what can one expect from a medieval banquet?

As a royal guest, you will be led down to the Great Hall to mingle with other guests, as well as medieval and mystical characters. You will be treated to a feast fit for a king, with wine, drinks, and a fantastic array of entertainment including professionally trained fighting knights, acrobats, musicians, singers, dancers and court jesters.

What interests you the most about the medieval times?

It’s interesting how people in the medieval times didn’t have vacations or days off, but they did have lots of feasts to celebrate the special days.

They would gather and throw a big party with lots of EATING, DRINKING and DANCING – and that’s what The Medieval Banquet is all about.

As guests of royalty, what kind of food is served? Is it authentic to medieval times?

Hear ye, hear ye! I would like to boast about this roast!

We dish out a real “COOKED” banquet, made to fill up real big sweaty knights who just trekked through mile after mile, returning from a swampy battlefield.

All the best meals are served with a song and a dance, a concept we have taken to a new level.

For guests that really want to get into character, what types of costumes are available to hire?

We will take you back to the days of kings, queens, knights and jesters – who would you like to be?  Costumes are available for an extra £10.00, dress to impress off, off with ya heads…

What is it that makes this experience unique/memorable?

The Medieval Banquet is not your usual dinner-theatre experience; this is when fun meets dining. At The Medieval Banquet, you are a royal guest and you are the show! Shout for your wench or dance with a unicorn, but come ready to be immersed in a night of fantasy. 

With Christmas coming up, do you have any festive-themed evenings?

This Christmas, we invite you to step into a magical fantasy and experience a true Winter Wonderland. From 27th November until 20th December, we are running The Nightfall Banquets and The Midday Feasts. These packages include 2-hour live entertainment, a five course meal served with wine, ale and soft drinks (half a bottle of wine pp for lunch), lunch until 4 pm, dancing until late, and of course Christmas crackers. Join us and wow your guests with something special this Christmas!

Thank you to The Medieval Banquet for answering our questions and making our stomachs rumble! If you’re looking for something different for this festive period, you can find out more about their exclusive Christmas entertainment here. Or, if you're looking for an extravagant yet affordable Christmas gift for that special someone who truly deserves to eat 'like a king', check out The Medieval Banquet voucher here


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