• AUG 18, 2011
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

Having brought you a couple of the world’s most daring dogs over recent weeks in the shape of Bodhi the Brightonian Skateboarding Dog and Tillman the Snowboarding and Surfing Dog – we’re delighted to this week bring you Otis the Skydiving Pug!

Otis’ proud owner Will Da Silva claims that the fearless pooch has now completed his 64th Tandem Skydive and still loves it as much as the first.

“He’s having a ball – like a dog with his head out of the car window.”

As well as sporting a custom made harness, ten-year-old Otis wears specially designed goggles for his aerial adventures as he free-falls thousands of feet above LA.

Where some have labelled it cruel and unfair on the plucky pug, friend and fellow tandem skydiver ‘SkyDiveRick’ claims that Otis is barking mad for skydiving and has never shown anything but excitement for his sky-walkies.

“This dog simply loves it. LOVES IT. From the moment you pull his specially built harness out, he gets excited in only a way that those who have know him his entire life could understand. Every time has been met with eager anticipation and total cooperation…he has NEVER resisted or shown ANY evidence of dislike for skydiving…in fact the opposite.”

Well this certainly throws a bone in the works as to who is the most extreme dog out there, who do you think is the coolest canine… Bodhi, Tillman or the new challenger from the USA – Otis?

Source: The Sun

Otis Skydiving Pug


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