Northampton Tank Driving Military Day

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Drive at least 4 mammoth military vehicles, and try your hand at shooting and survival during this 9 hour military day of tank driving, gun shooting madness in Northamptonshire!

  • Brackley (Northamptonshire)
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Northampton Tank Driving Military Day

Drive at least 4 mammoth military vehicles, and try your hand at shooting and survival during this 9 hour military day of tank driving, gun shooting madness in Northamptonshire!

Tank Driving Experience Days: This is the ultimate in tank driving experiences, a guaranteed military day of mayhem. You will get behind the wheel of at least 4 military monsters as you join the army for a day, and blast your way around 100 acres of ideal Northamptonshire countryside. Split into teams with the other participants, you will compete in 6 events including tank driving, mortar firing, and clay pigeon shooting.

Over a full 9 hour day, you will have as much army experience as you can handle - from talks on weaponry and survival skills through to navigating booby trapped woodland, and - of course - driving the magnificent military vehicles. This really is a battle - the best driver of the day will win the chance to crush a family-sized car in a 56tonne Chieftain tank, as his/her team mates and spectators come along for the ride!

On this tank driving military day, recruits will 'fall-in' bright and early for registration. While everyone is getting suited and booted, there will be passenger rides given for both recruits and spectators. Throughout this military day of madness, you will
  • Drive at least 4 massive military vehicles, from a range including a Russian Grozdilka, 432 armoured personnel carrier, 6x6 skid steer supacat, and an American Lance nuclear missile launcher.

  • Spend an hour exploring an armoury that houses 100s of weapons, from today's rocket propelled grenade launchers, MP5s and AK47s right back to the flintlock muskets and pistols used in the 17th Century. Your guide is an ex-army sniper or mercenary, fully qualified to answer all your questions.

  • Take to the woods for an hour of survival skills training with an expert guide.

  • Have a go at Clay pigeon shooting, using 12 bore shotguns.

  • Try your hand shooting flintlock muskets and being part of a mortar crew

Refreshments are included all day along with a very good hot lunch, sometimes themed.

The best driver on the tank driving day gets to run over a family saloon in a 56 ton chieftain battle tanks!

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The tank driving military day is available for booking on at least one Saturday of each month from March - October (excluding August).

*Vehicles may be substituted on the day.


This Military Day is suitable for participants aged 12 and upwards.

Minimum Height: 4ft 11"

No children under 7 years old, or dogs allowed on site.

Please note: Vehicles may be substituted on the day.


Experience Duration: 09:00

Time Spent at Venue: 09:00

This is a full day activity, lasting approximately 9 hours. You will get about half an hour of tank driving within this time.

Start Time: 9:00

End Time: 18:15

Break for lunch and refreshments included.

During the day, you'll take part in the following:

Drive 4 vehicles,

Armoury tour,

Survival talk and demo,

17th century Flintlock and Mortar Shooting,

Clay pigeon shooting

(...and the best driver on the day will also get to crush a car in a Chieftain Battle Tank).

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Northampton Tank Driving Military Day is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Spectators are absolutely welcome to come along to the tank driving day.

The session will run with 6 groups of 12 people (72 people).

There is a charge of £35.00 per person for spectators to attend, however this includes lunch, refreshments all day, admission to the Armoury talk, and rides in the army vehicles!

Please advise on the number of spectators you will be bringing along on the day, prior to arrival.

The centre cannot accommodate children under the age of 7, or dogs on site.

Where is it Located
What to wear

You will be provided with a camouflage suit and helmet at the centre, so don't worry if you don't have your own army kit!

Do bring gloves and wellies or sturdy boots (even those just spectating!).

This is a right muddy marvellous day, so expect to get grimy - and don't wear anything you don't want to get muddy!


This experience should not be affected by weather.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5

This was to celebrate my sons 16th birthday. Dad and younger brother went too. All three were extremely happy at the end of the day. Spoke to staff about returning for a different activity. well worth the drive. And the pictures are ace.

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£ 349