• DEC 22, 2014
  • WRITTEN BY: Poppy Hatrick

Elite AthleteMost of us are full of good intentions for the New Year: we’ll exercise more, drink less and eat healthier. While few of us actually maintain these resolutions, it’s hard to deny the urge to improve your health after the indulgent Christmas blow-out.

If you are looking for a unique experience gift for a loved one or a fun and health-boosting activity to try yourself then look no further… Here are a few of our favourite experiences to get your New Year off to a happy and healthy start.

2938_1Few foods are as nutritious as sushi, so get your 2015 off to a good start with this brilliant Sushi Making Class in London. Whether you want to enjoy this yourself as you improve your culinary skills or are hoping to treat a foodie friend, being able to create your own sushi is a skill you will always use. During this fun class you will be taught by some of the most experienced sushi chefs in the UK, and will be making a variety of delicious sushi such as Hoso Maki and Futo Maki. This class is the ideal introduction to making great-tasting, great-looking sushi, and if that weren’t enough you’ll also take home a goodie bag packed with sushi treats.

152_1If you have a head for heights, what about this Rock Climbing Introductory Experience in  Sussex? Rock climbing is considered to be one of the most beneficial sports you can try; not only does it work almost every muscle in your body, but the thought-process involved is also a work-out for your mind. This brilliant one day course will teach you all the basics of this exhilarating sport and show you precisely why it is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the UK. Climbing one of Sussex’s famous sandstone crags is exciting, challenging and rewarding – and it’s not an overstatement to say you will be utterly hooked by the end of the day.

2156_5If you’re not quite ready to start scaling cliffs, you can boost your health with this sensational Indian Superfood Cookery Experience in London. This is an exceptional opportunity to be taught by one of the world’s best and most famous Indian chefs, Gurpareet Bains. On the menu will be the world’s healthiest dish, cold-and-flu-busting curries and hangover-healing cocktails, but you’ll also be learning how to best mix spices with vegetables, fruits, low-fat proteins and nuts to create what Gurapreet calls ‘Indian Superfood’. You’ll also receive a signed copy of Gurapreet’s latest cookery book, and with a two-course meal and wholesome cocktails provided throughout, you’ll already be feeling healthier by the time you leave the class!

3384_1Or what about the Anti-Gravity Yoga Class London for Two, an excellent way to exercise for people who don’t like to exercise? Exercising with a friend makes it far more enjoyable, and during this fun and hugely beneficial class you and a friend will learn how to do yoga while suspended from silk hammocks! As the newest yoga craze going, the benefits of anti-gravity yoga are plentiful; focusing on stretching, strengthening and relaxation techniques, this class is a fantastic way to strengthen your body and improve your flexibility, as well as easing yourself into an exercise regime in an enjoyable and gentle manner.



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