• JAN 28, 2014
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

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So, we’re nearly a month into 2014, and you should all be feeling absolutely terrible about yourselves right now. Racked with guilt over the mince pies you guzzled with so much gusto. Burning with shame over the booze, and the cake, and the tins of chocolate, and the canapés, and the frankly ridiculous portions of food you shoved into your face over the Christmas holidays. You should be walking past all the shops advertising their active wear and diet books and juice cleanses and fancy new yoghurts, and you should be feeling like the worst, most gluttonous, laziest person in the world. You should be feeling like that, because that’s what they want you to feel, those peddlers of perkier, better bottoms and healthily balanced stomach bacteria.

But here at Experience Days, we think that whatever you do in life you should do it properly, and if that means doing absolutely nothing, or gorging on cake and chocolates, or knocking back a few nice beers or wines, then so be it.

In that spirit, we’re giving you a list of some of the best experiences for people who have no intention of changing their habits whatsoever. Ignore the smiling fitness instructors with their jumbo tubs of powdered protein and their ‘January specials’; dismiss the treadmill with the contempt and distrust it deserves, and instead choose to actually enjoy yourself, with an indulgent experience day. If you’re perfect just the way you are and simply want to enjoy some of life’s most lovely indulgences, then check out this little selection of some of the delicious, delightful, and decadent experiences we offer, and do your bad habits better than you’ve ever done them before.

1. Cupcake decorating.

Dee's Blog Cupcake 4Cupcakes are perfect little mouth sized cakes that have been dressed up in the most beautiful topping imaginable. Ideally they should look a little too good to eat. In fact, when faced with a particularly fine example, you should be moved to actually say “this looks too good to eat”, right before you shove it straight into your face. With a cupcake decorating class, you can learn how to create stunning cupcakes of every colour and flavour, decorated as though they were touched by the angels themselves. Make delicate, delicious cupcakes that are little works of art, and then merrily destroy your creative efforts in two swift bites. From now on, you’re not sitting around in your pyjamas eating cake alone – you’re creating ephemeral art. And eating cake alone. But mostly the art thing.


2. Full Day London Chocolate Tour

Dee's Blog Chocolate 5

This is the day that dreams are made of. This is like finding an actual golden ticket in your Wonka Bar. For chocolate lovers, it just doesn’t get any better. Over one full day, you will be whisked around London, visiting some of the city’s best chocolatiers and gorging on the most decadent and luxurious chocolates known to man. This is not an exaggeration. You will actually visit the Queen’s favourite chocolatiers and taste the very same chocolates that Her Royal Highness eats. Throughout the tour you’ll sample chocolates that really are worthy of royalty,  from classic creamy truffles through to unusual flavour combinations (olive oil and rosemary, anyone?).


3. Gin Tasting Masterclass.

If you know your Beefeater from your Berkely Square, or you don’t but you’d like to learn a little more about the greatest spirit that has ever graced this earth, then why not go and learn from some professional ginstructors? If gin is your tonic, this is the experience for you. You’ll learn all about gin, while drinking gin. Perfect. You’ll learn the secrets to making the perfect G&T and you’ll get to taste around 6 different gin drinks throughout the class (so take public transport). The best thing about this gin tasting class is that the guys who run it think gin goes really well with cake. In our opinion, gin goes really well with everything, but cake is up there on the list, so the fact that this gin class is combined with a delicious afternoon tea is even more reason to indulge.Dee's Blog Gin 3


4. Eclair Baking

If you’re going to eat something a little bit naughty, you might as well eat something exceptionally naughty, and as delicious as anything that has been baked by human hands can possibly be. Eclairs fit the bill quite nicely, and with this wonderful workshop, you’ll learn how to make them in your own kitchen. If you’ve only ever eaten the kind of eclairs you find in the fridge at the supermarket, prepare for your mind to be blown. Fresh, homemade choux pastry is one of life’s most wonderful pleasures. Dee's Blog Eclair 2When you take that choux pastry and fill it with cream, custard and caramel? Well. It’s transcendental. If you’re going to eat eclairs (which you absolutely should, and often), then for pete’s sake do it properly.


5. London Beer Brewing Workshop.

Dee's Blog Beer 2Picture a glass frosted with that layer of condensation that you get when your drink is as cold as a drink can be, and filled with a sparkling, effervescent amber liquid topped with the perfect 1-2 inch foamy head. Imagine lifting the glass to your lips and drinking in a long sip of crisp, malty, beer. Is you mouth watering? Are you counting the minutes until beer o’clock? If so, this may be the experience for you. Learn to brew your own beer in London, with a full day brewing workshop. Not only will you learn the secrets to brewing beautiful beers and ales, but at the end of the day you’ll be able to choose £25 worth of beer from the brewery’s bottle shop to take home with you. If you’re the patient sort, you can even wait a couple of weeks for the actual beer you brewed on the day of your experience!


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