• JAN 9, 2013
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Happy New Year! Just over a week into January and apparently a few of those New Year’s resolutions have already taken a backseat. If, like some of us, you’re trying to find excuses to avoid the gym, or if those left-over chocolates from Christmas are just a little too tempting, then never fear … we have a new plan to help you out! Forget that get fit regime this year; why not start up a new hobby? Here at Extreme Element we can provide everything from MMA fighting to wakeboarding – perfect introductory courses to get anyone gripped with a new sport for the new year!

Rock Climbing

Get yourself into a harness and prepare to climb, and with so many choices of walls to climb, this sport can be enjoyed all year round and by anyone and everyone. Whether it’s indoors in the warm and dry climbing next to a friend, or outside facing the natural environment such as rivers and gorges, or even ice (ok, that one is indoors too!), Extreme Element provides rock climbing for all abilities, with everything from an introduction to indoor rock climbing to climbing the Peak Distract with a loved one.

Wakeboarding around the UK

From being attached to a rope and harness to strapping a board to your feet and being pulled along water by a rope … ahh yes, this could only be wakeboarding! With chances to wakeboard all over the country, this experience is brilliant for anyone looking to learn something new for the New Year. We provide introductory lessons in Hove and half day sessions in Devon. If you don’t fancy going alone, why not grab a bunch of friends and make it at a wakeboarding party in Milton Keynes? Prepare to get wet … and fit! This awesome experience definitely beats a gym session!

Kayaking Around the UK

Another hugely popular water sport to get you out and about in the New Year is kayaking, so whether you’re confident in the water or not, this experience will have everyone dying to get back in their kayak and paddling away! After learning the basics in an introductory kayaking session, you can aim for a more challenging day trip in the beautiful seas of Hampshire. Want more? We also offer more advanced levels of kayaking where you can aim to achieve BCU 2 star or 3 star – a great way to carry on your new hobby well into 2013 … and certainly beats a boring New Year’s resolution any day.

We have plenty of fresh ideas that you can get stuck into in 2013, all excellent ways to get fit and healthy whilst learning a new skill and hopefully picking up a new hobby!


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