• DEC 14, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Blossom Lewis

Experience Days have recently partnered with London’s Hiver Beers to bring you some incredibly unique experiences, including Bee Keeping, Honey Beer Tasting and Food Pairing.

Did you know that honey has an almost eternal shelf-life? It’s been said that honey was found in ancient Egyptian tombs – and was still edible 3000 years later!

After that fun fact and my recent visit to Hiver Beers, I can see why they offer experiences which solely link back to bees and their impact on the community. Hiver is a honey beer produced using raw honey gathered from only local and British hives. Hiver also donate part of their profits to sponsor bee-friendly projects – what a great way to give something back!

The honey produced in London has a fresh and vibrant taste – one that reminds me of mint leaves and various other herbs. This taste comes from the herb baskets where bees collect pollen from local gardens and balconies. Hiver also use carefully selected barley and hops, which Hannah, the company’s founder, went through with me. In her company, I began to understand the process of creating the perfect honey beer.

Now to the experiences. Firstly, we have a Bee Keeping and Beer Tasting Experience. This involves handling the frames of the hives and checking over the health of the bees – don’t worry you won’t be doing this alone! Barnaby Shaw, a local beekeeper and expert, will be there to ensure you learn as much as possible about these fascinating insects.

Once you’ve got up close and personal with the bees, it’s time to relax and have a beer! Sharing a beer with you will be another honey beer expert, going through the tastes, ingredients and the production – and let’s not forget the food pairing session which goes along with it!

If meeting the bees puts you off the experience slightly, then not to worry! Hiver Beers runs a 1 Hour Honey Beer Tasting and Food Pairing Experience which takes place once a fortnight at their Arch, near London Bridge. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the creation of the beers and the perfect food to pair with it.

I’m clearly not alone when it comes to thinking these experiences are totally unique and have such a positive impact on the local wildlife and community. In the quote below, Tom Kerridge, a professional chef, also states his love for Hiver Beers, their experiences and products:

“I was really impressed by Hannah’s innovation, enthusiasm and knowledge of an industry she has a massive amount of passion for. The entire Hiver product, from taste to packaging, has been carefully crafted. She’s doing something different, she’s doing it well and she loves doing it – she’s the perfect winner in my eyes.”

If you’re as excited as I am about these experiences and you’re looking to purchase a voucher, click either of the links below:

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