• JUL 31, 2013
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

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Been a while since I’ve written one of these, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped adding amazing new experiences for you to enjoy! This week I have selected four very different and diverse experiences, to really show off the range of offers on Experience Days, and how there is undoubtedly something for everyone. So have a look at my top picks and choose between a furniture painting workshop, a chocolate making workshop, a parkour lesson for two and clay pigeon shooting in Falkirk (or all of them).

Furniture 2For all those of you who have a creative streak, a flair for design and a love for customising pieces around the home, the East Sussex Furniture Painting Workshop is just ideal. Bring an old piece of furniture back to life with fabulous, simple techniques that you can replicate at home. You can really show some personality during this experience, turn something old into something new and distinctly unique. Even if you don’t have any furniture you wish to alter, you can still learn the techniques by using a piece from the workshop, or buy something to take home with you! The full-day workshop lasts for five hours, you’ll learn the ‘two-colour’ method of furniture painting and waxing, plus special paint effects like gilding, distressing and crackle glazing. If five hours is a bit long, there’s also a Half Day Furniture Painting Workshop, as well as a Finishing and Effects Class and a Garden Furniture Painting Class for you to try!

chocolate Brighton 1If I can get through writing this without getting hungry, it will be a miracle, because up next is the Chocolate Making Workshop Experience. For two and a half hours you can learn, experiment, taste and get really creative with chocolate, under the watchful eye of professional chocolatiers. This workshop doesn’t just teach you the techniques used in making delicious chocolates, but also the rich and interesting history of cacao plantations and chocolate trading, so you’ll be gaining fascinating knowledge whilst watching a skilled demonstration – then it’s your turn! First up you’ll make a giant chocolate button, a great opportunity to get creative with decorating, then you’ll be taught how to make a variety of decadent truffles using different flavours and decorations. At the end of the class, you will receive a beautifully gift-wrapped bag of your creations to take home and share (or not!). Available in Brighton, Manchester and London, so no excuses! And, you guessed it, I’m hungry.

parkour 1Developed in the 1980’s, the last thirty years have seen a huge increase in popularity for the urban sport movement known as parkour. Focusing on momentum, parkour is all about moving through a landscape in the quickest way possible, using only your body to propel you forward. You’ll start to view the world around you differently, a fence becomes something to jump over and a windowsill becomes a ledge to hold on to; it’s all about gauging dimensions, speeds and heights. The Parkour Lesson For Two in London means you and a chosen friend can try this experience together, guided by professional traceurs. Starting at a central London location, you’ll spend an hour and a half learning the some of the basic skills and techniques used, to navigate the city using this thrilling method of travel. Guaranteed to give you an extreme adrenaline rush!

Clay pigeon 1Having had a go at clay pigeon shooting myself, I can tell you what an incredible experience it is, and where better to try it out than with the Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience in the beautiful Scottish countryside in Falkirk? Each experience is specifically tailored to meet your requirements, so whether you’re a beginner or a pro (like me), you’ll get the necessary coaching needed to improve your shooting skills. With 50 clays, there’s plenty of time to learn, practise and perfect new techniques, or alternatively, there’s a 30 clays experience if you’ve already perfected your style. The professional instructors will lend you their expertise to improve your focus and precision, before letting you loose on those clay pigeons to blast them into smithereens! A fantastic experience to give as a gift, it really makes the most of the Scottish landscape and is sure to be remembered for long after.

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