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It’s undeniable. Everybody loves cars - or at least knows someone who is a complete petrol head! Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one to a day in the hot seat, feel the thrill of a passenger ride, or experience a HGV like never before -  look no further than our fantastic lineup of all new driving experiences with Everyman Racing. These adrenaline-pumping experiences take place up and down the country in Leicester, Surrey, Yorkshire, Sussex, Oxfordshire and Devon. With a range of locations to choose from, we invite you to feel a need for speed wherever you are! Read on to find out more....

HGV Truck Driving Experience - Leicester, Surrey, Yorkshire, Devon, Oxfordshire

In this professional one-to-one session, you’ll receive tuition from a fully qualified HGV instructor to drive a Scania P420. With a huge 13 litre, 6 cylinder engine, who wouldn’t want the chance to drive this 60-foot transporter? Moving around a specialist course, you will be walked through the steering and gebox in order to slalom and manoeuvre, and master the art of heavy vehicles. With a range of locations, why not grab the wheel of this 60-foot transporter?

Nissan 350Z Drift Taster Experience - Devon, Yorkshire, Leicester, West Sussex

Power sliding, throttle balance, countersteering... Experience drifting with all these techniques and more in the hot seat of the powerful Nissan 350Z!  Receive expert tuition from your instructor, as you are walked through the basic and essential drifting techniques. On a track that is specially designed for low grip driving, why not have a taste of what life is like in the fast lane?

Nissan 350Z Drifting Thrill Experience - Devon, Yorkshire, Leicester, West Sussex

Think you’re ready to level up in the drifting world? Completing three tutored sessions, this drifting thrill experience includes three progressively more challenging courses as you are introduced to more advanced drifting techniques. Drift extension, quick changes of direction and handbrake initiation will be covered as you dart around the track. When your time in the hot seat is over, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and one hell of a story to tell!

Nissan 350Z Half Day Drifting Experience - Devon, Leicester, Yorkshire, West Sussex

If you’re interested in the ultimate drifting experience, look no further than this half day track experience. Behind the wheel of the powerful Nissan 350Z, you will be taken through the basics and moved onto the more challenging courses to master various initiation methods, faster speeds and more! Once your time as driver is up, the session will conclude with an invigorating 5-minute passenger ride as a professional gets to show you how its done.

Nissan 350z Drifting Hot Lap Passenger Ride - West Sussex, Yorkshire, Devon, Leicestershire

Experience the Nissan 350 hot lap! You’ll be seated in the passenger seat enjoying the ride alongside  the fully qualified driver who will take the wheel. You will learn the fundamentals of drifting before heading out onto the tracks. The perfect experience for adrenaline junkies, as you can sit back and enjoy the ride of a lifetime!


Rage Motorsport Hurricane Dirt Buggy Blast - Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire

Learn the basics of dirt buggies as you receive a one-to-one 5 minute intense driving time with a professional instructor! During this unforgettable experience, you will have the opportunity to complete 10 laps, practise low grip driving, and learn techniques such as power sliding, hydro handbrake initiation and a scandinavian flicks brake steer. Guided by experts via bluetooth intercom technology located in your helmet, you’ll receive professional tuition to drive these beasts. You will be blown away by the speed of the rage motor hurricane dirt buggy, as it travels at top speeds of 120mph!

Rage Motorsport Hurricane Dirt Buggy Thrill - Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire

Still haven't had enough? Well, step it up with the Rage Motorsport Hurricane Dirt Buggy Thrill, where you can complete 20 laps! Giving you more time on the roads and the ability to get more familiar with the dirt buggy, this adrenaline - pumping experience will bring out your inner speed demon! An unforgettable experience, and the perfect gift for off-road enthusiasts and petrolheads. 

Half Day Rage Motorsport Dirt Buggy Experience - Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire

If you’re ready to step it up another notch with an adrenaline-filled day then this experience is for you! Our amazing half day rage motorsport dirt buggy experience allows you to speed around in the Hurricane 1050cc, 140bhp Yamaha Fx Nytro engine delivers a top speed of 120mph and 0-06mph in just under 4 seconds! Experience the wrath of the dirt buggy in this extended experience.

Rage Motorsport Dirt Buggy Passenger Ride - Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire

Want all the thrill of a dirt buggy experience but don’t want to be behind the wheel? Why not have all the fun without the responsibility of designated driver with this invigorating passenger ride! Hold on tight and prepare to be blown away, as you get suited and booted with a helmet and overalls. Once you’re ready to go, your professional instructor takes you to a top speed of 120mph. With a 0-60mph time of just under 4 seconds, this engine delivers the ultimate thrill ride. 

Found something that would make the perfect gift for the adrenaline junkie in your life? Or fancy treating yourself to a day of white knuckling speeds? Purchase your driving experience today and give an unforgettable gift!


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