Military Tank Battle Experience - Leicester

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Take control of one of the mightiest vehicles ever made and engage in awesome paintball cannon warfare during this fantastic tank driving combat experience at a World War ll bombing range!

  • Leicester (Leicestershire)
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£ 140

Military Tank Battle Experience - Leicester

Take control of one of the mightiest vehicles ever made and engage in awesome paintball cannon warfare during this fantastic tank driving combat experience at a World War ll bombing range!

Become a soldier for the day this hugely enjoyable tank battle experience in Leicestershire, where you have the opportunity to take control of a tank whilst in combat! During this action-packed experience you will be using paintball guns as you work your way through the tricky tank course set in a World War II bombing range. Under constant bombardment from the enemy, it will be up to you to fight the enemy or get to safety. Prepare to be amazed by these awesome machines: they possess so much strength and power that its intimidating, and the rough terrain offers the perfect platform to give it a real test - this is an utterly thrilling experience!Your experience will start when you take it in turns to negotiate the tricky tank course set in a World War II bombing range. Then after you have conquered the tricky terrain its time to engage in all-out armoured warfare with your 40mm paintball cannon against your opponent. This is experience is unique because of the number of tasks and responsibilities that you must deal with under pressure. Have you got what it takes to be in control? You will be driving, you will be aiming, and, you guessed it, you will be firing!!

All tank crews are issued with kevlar helmets, tank suits and gloves to ensure 100% combat efficiency.

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General Public
9am - 6pm - Saturdays, Sundays & Wednesdays - April - October.
Corporate Use
9am - 6pm - Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays - April - October.


Pre-booking is essential.

Due to the size of the tanks there is a weight limit of 22 stone and a height restriction of 6"4'

Minimum age to drive a vehicle: 16

Minimum age to ride in the vehicles: 8


Experience Duration: 02:00

Time Spent at Venue: 02:15

This experiences lasts approximately 2 hours, based on a crew of 3 people.

Driving, including the briefing lasts roughly 15 minutes. Shooting is for around 20-25 minutes and the final battle for about 20 minutes.

Please arrive 15 minutes before you are due to start.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Military Tank Battle Experience - Leicester is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Spectators are welcome but there is a strict no pets rule.

You can fit 3 drivers per tank, with an additional 2 passengers/spectators.

There is a £6 charge per spectator (subject to change) - which includes entrance to the museum and other on site facilities.

Up to 12 tanks available per session.

Where is it Located
What to wear

Please wear casual clothes and trainers that you don’t mind getting dirty. It is also advisable to bring a change of clothes.


This experience can be affected by extreme weather conditions. If in doubt, please contact the centre. Contact details will be provided once booking has been completed.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5

Fantastic Experience

I`m a driving instructor, and learning to drive is fun. But learning to drive a tank is by far much better fun. Thanks to my tank instructor for being very helpful, would highly recommend to try this, its going to be a annual event for us now. Thanks again, Tony.

Great experience

My boyfriend and his friends had a great time there and they would definitely do it again. They did find the experience a bit short but loved the museum.

Great Day

This day was purchased by our son for my hubby for his 65th birthday as he loves all things military. They loved it. Better facilities for the spectators to watch would be good an enclosed shed with seating around by the picnic table perhaps. Two hours a long time to stand in cold especially with children, who didnt want to go inside and miss anything!

- Telford

The Tank Battle was incredible! My girlfriend bought it for me as a birthday present, and it was the best present I've ever had - the site was very well equipped, the staff friendly and very knowledgeable, and the battle itself was great!


Definatly recommend this experiance... just not for anyone claustrophobic!!

Tank Experience

Awesome experience! We had a great time driving the tanks and everything was well organised and well put together.



An excellent, fun filled experience well worth doing.


Would def recommend, especially when the sun is out. Unfortunately our headset for the instructions didnt work, as well as a high pressure tube to be able to shoot some pingpong balls. Our instructor must have been a former army guy, as initially he was harsh, very tensed and serious. At the end he warmed to us a bit.


£ 140