Merseyside Flyboarding Experience - 30 Mins

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Experience flyboarding in Wirral, Merseyside with this unforgettable 30 minute experience.

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Merseyside Flyboarding Experience - 30 Mins

Experience flyboarding in Wirral, Merseyside with this unforgettable 30 minute experience.

Try flyboarding in Merseyside with an incredible 30 minute water jet pack experience. Flyboarding is just about as high-octane and experience as you can find - one of the coolest new watersports out there, and as close to flying as humans are going to get this century!

This Wirrel flyboarding experience offers daredevils and adrenaline junkies in the North East and North Wales the chance to try out these incredible machines for themselves, and with around 15 minutes in-water time, it's plenty of opportunity to see what the fuss is about! The flyboard works by shooting high-pressure water jets from the bottom of the board, powerful enough to propel the pilot out of the water, and up to 10 metres into the air! You will have expert instruction from a certified flyboarding instructor throughout your water jet pack experience, ensuring you have a safe flight and that you progress quickly. By the end of this experience, you should have started to get a real feel for the awesome capabilities of the flyboard, and you'll probably be signing up for more sessions so you can start to work on tricks like spins and flips, and even propelling yourself under the water and back out, dolphin style! All equipment is provided for you, and you will have a full safety briefing before you begin the actual flyboarding.

So whether you are searching for the perfect gift for men and women who like to really get their hearts pumping, or you are a bit of a daredevil and want to treat yourself to one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences out there, this flyboarding experience is just the ticket!

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The Merseyside Flyboarding experience is a seasonal experience which usually runs from April to October due to safe temperatures (subject to weather and availability). Flyboarding can get booked up very far in advance, so please allow a few months notice.

For specific dates please contact our customer service team.


Minimum Height: 4ft.
Maximum Weight: 18 stone.

Minimum Age: 16
There is no strict maximum age limit, however you must be fit enough to participate in this high impact water jet pack experience.

This flyboarding experience is not suitable for those with severe back problems, people wearing a cast, those suffering from a dislocated shoulder, people with heart conditions, or those who are taking medication that can cause drowsiness. Flyboarding is not suitable for pregnant women.


Experience Duration: 00:15

Time Spent at Venue: 00:35

This is a 30 minute flyboarding experience with around 15 minutes in-water.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Merseyside Flyboarding Experience - 30 Mins is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: 1

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

This Merseyside Flyboarding Experience is based on one-to-one tuition with your instructor.

Spectators are welcome to come along to the Merseyside flyboarding centre and watch you ride the flyboard - just make sure they take plenty of photos!
Where is it Located
What to wear

All necessary Flyboarding gear and equipment will be provided for you at the Wirrel flyboarding centre. It is compulsory that you wear all safety gear during your water jet pack flight. Please bring a swimming costume with you, and a towel and warm change of clothes for after the flyboarding experience.


The Merseyside Flyboarding experience is a weather dependent activity, and in the event of unsafe conditions, it may have to be cancelled or postponed. Rain is not an issue because you'll be in the water anyway! Please contact the Wirrel flyboarding provider directly before setting off for your experience if you are concerned about conditions.

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flyboarding merseyside

something totally different but what a blast. the guy's went through all the safety and all the tips on how to get out of the water. would do it again and recommend it. microlight next.

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£ 95