Maxi-Monster Truck Experience

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Take to the off road in style as you are let loose in an American Spec Monster Truck! With a 7l engine and 6 foot tyres, you won't believe the awesome power of these mammoth motors.

  • East Grinstead (West Sussex)
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£ 275

Maxi-Monster Truck Experience

Take to the off road in style as you are let loose in an American Spec Monster Truck! With a 7l engine and 6 foot tyres, you won't believe the awesome power of these mammoth motors.

Monster Truck Experience Days: Experience the gigantic nature of driving a Monster Truck with this magnificent foursome, allowing you to get up close and personal with a range of varying sizes of truck - from standard 4x4 right up to the Grizzly - which has 6foot tyres and an enormous 7.5L engine! You'll be driving an off road buggy through a wooded forest, a Land Rover through the same forest - and 2 huge monster trucks, including the massive American Spec Grizzly! Enjoy this giant experience responsibly!

Your Maxi Monster Experience will begin with a welcome and safety brief, covering the driving skills and techniques to be employed on this great off road driving day. Then, once briefed, you'll be ready to hit the mud for the first installment of this awesome foursome - driving the Grizzly, the 'Black Ice' (Euro spec truck) the Land Rover and the 4x4 Buggy. You will be challenged with driving each Monster Truck over the muddy course before taking the 4x4 vehicles onto a whole new course, with steeper slopes and muddier mounds! You'll even be driving over police cars in the giant Monster Trucks!

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The Maxi-Monster Truck experience is available on selected weekend dates from February to December.

2020 Scheduled Dates

Saturday 22nd February 11:00 & 14:00

Saturday 21st March 11:00 & 14:00

Saturday 25th April 14:00 & 16:30

Sunday 31st May 11:00, 14:00 & 16:30

Saturday 20th June 11:00, 14:00 & 16:30

Saturday 18th July 11:00

Sunday 19th July 11:00, 14:00 & 16:30

Saturday 15th August 11:00, 14:00 & 16:30

Sunday 23rd August 11:00

Sunday 13th September 11:00 & 14:00

Saturday 24th October 11:00 & 14:00

Sunday 22nd November 11:00 & 14:00

Saturday 12th December 11:00

These times and dates are subject to change and availability at the time of booking.


Minimum Age: 17

Driving License isn't required, but participants must know how to drive.

Maximum Height: 6'6"
Maximum Weight: 20 stone

Please contact us if the participant does not fit the advised guidelines, as it may still be possible.


Experience Duration: 00:40

Time Spent at Venue: 02:30

The experience will last for 2.5 hours. Actual Driving Time: Around 40 mins per person.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Maxi-Monster Truck Experience is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: 3

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

The Maxi-Monster Truck Experience runs with up to 3 people per session.

Up to two spectators are welcome on the day. Spectator rides are possible, subject to sign on.

There is no indoor viewing area and the site is not very suitable for young children.

Where is it Located
What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty. The ground is muddy with some puddles in the winter, so don't wear your best loafers!


This experience will only cease to operate in extreme weather conditions (such as deep snow and hurricanes). However, if you are worried, please check with the centre before leaving.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5

Monster Truck Magic

The Monster Truck experience was fabulous - I bought it for my son for Christmas and it was a great day of monstrous wheels, turning over vehicles and mad stuff. The staff were great and the venue perfect.

- South East
Verified Experience Days Participant
Maxi Monster Amazing!

I had a fantastic day enjoying the big kids toys! This was a Birthday present from my hubby. He knows that ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to drive a monster truck and this experience did not disappoint. First I did some off-road super mud-bashing 4x4 driving in a Land Rover, next was the UK specced big truck and some basic monster truck handling. Next was the show stopper, the Grizzly! It is the only US-specced Monster Truck in the UK and is frankly massive! I got to drive it as fast as I dared, and even got to crush a couple of cars, whilst posing for the ultimate action picture! To round the day off, I even got to drive an ATV through a challenging off-road course then roll it over onto it's roll cage! What more could a girl want? A big thanks to the instructor on the day (I apologise I forget your name!). He was courteous, patient, humorous and extremely knowledgeable. Without him in fact, the experience would have only been 99% as good. We travelled from north Essex to participate and I can honestly tell you it was absolutely worth the journey. I really recommend it, and for the money (my husband spent!) it's a magnificent couple of hours that you will never be able to replicate anywhere else. Definitely worth it!

Verified Experience Days Participant
Maxi-Monster Truck Experience

Would have liked longer on the Monster Truck and the course to have been a bit more adventurous. Pity as this was the main attraction. The other activities and course route wre more to expectations.

Verified Experience Days Participant
£ 275