• SEP 13, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Blossom Lewis

Arriving at Clapham Junction, Rebecca and I were bursting with excitement. Following a short 15-minute walk, we arrived at The Pod Building, at Battersea Heliport. As we pressed the buzzer to get in, the doors slid open, to reveal a set of stairs with directions to reception. With the front desk now in front of us, we were given a warm welcome and quickly checked in.

Once checked in, we noticed the incredible location of the heliport, right by the River Thames. By now, we could barely contain our excitement as we witnessed helicopters taking off and landing, full of eager passengers. This was also a great opportunity to take photos of the surroundings. After a short wait in the seating area, we were led downstairs to go through the safety briefing. This included a short but descriptive video and was a necessary part of the experience.

Before we knew it, it was time for our flight. With our life jackets on, and safety briefing complete – it was time to fly. Led by security to our front seats, our friendly pilot, Fraser, introduced himself, before helping to adjust our seat-belts and headsets.  Once Fraser had made sure everyone was happy before take-off, the engine started and we began to lift off. This was such a surreal feeling, I was speechless by this point… might I add, that doesn’t happen very often!

Throughout our flight, Fraser, pointed out the famous landmarks below. Right from the beginning, we saw numerous famous and historical sights, including Clapham Junction, Olympia, the Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, The Shard, and many more! Rebecca and I were completely blown away by the incredible views and sights we witnessed throughout.

Our 18-minute flight was already coming to an end – it felt like the fastest moment of my life, but one of the most memorable. All the staff were extremely welcoming and friendly, which made the whole experience even better – hard to believe as the flight was amazing on its own. There’s no doubt in my mind – I will be back.

Thank you so much to the team at The London Helicopter – this is now ticked off my bucket list!

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