• MAR 9, 2016
  • WRITTEN BY: Rosie Littlejohns

London Bridge Ghost Tour 1

London hides many a dark secret and gruesome tale in its winding streets. With the rich history that surrounds the capital, it’s no surprise that tales and rumours of the undead and ghostly spectres are frequently whispered amongst the locals…

On a dark and stormy Saturday night not so long ago, we were very excited to be given the opportunity to take part in a ghost tour of London Bridge, and check out some of these ghostly stories ourselves!

After arriving at London Bridge station and taking in the spectacular views of the Shard that dominate the skyline, we met Jennifer, our host for the evening. Jennifer gave us and the rest of the group a brief introduction to the tour. She spoke of the rather unsavoury history of London Bridge, giving us some ideas as to why it is known for supernatural occurrences.

London Bridge Ghost Tour 2

We then set off on our ghostly adventure. First stop was London Bridge itself! Jennifer explained how in medieval times, the bridge was a bustling, traffic ridden structure that acted as the only crossing over the Thames for the whole city of London. And… how it was made of wood. Inevitably, fire broke out in the area and crept onto the bridge, causing a huge amount of Londoners to perish, trapped in the flames or by drowning in the depths of the river. This catastrophe explains why, to this very day, locals have reported hearing ghostly screams echoing from the murky depths of the Thames below the bridge.

Suitably on edge after the first of many chilling stories of the evening, we headed into the depths of Borough Market, stopping to hear about the hauntings of Southwark Cathedral. Next came chilling tales of pirate souls sold to the Devil and of ghouls named the “Winchester Geese.” These were not, as I first thought, ghostly feathered ghouls. But, the ghosts of former ladies of the night who masked their medieval smell by carrying posies of strong smelling flowers. These spectres presence have been reported by the faint waft of lavender lingering in the air…

London Bridge Ghost Tour 3

Our next stop was The Anchor, a pub on the riverside that was the favourite watering hole of the sea fairing fellows that had docked in for the night. We were told tales of a ghostly canine that had saved his masters life after pirates had attempted kidnap and slavery! We popped into the pub for a quick drink and a sit down, enjoying the bubbly atmosphere of a busy London pub on a Saturday night, whilst all the time looking out for the phantom dog. Then it was time to get back to the river side and continue on our ghost trail.

London Bridge Ghost Tour 4

Our final stops included a burial ground, the final resting place to many a wayward soul. This was probably the most heart wrenching stop of the tour, as Jennifer explained that this gated, shared graveyard was the final resting ground of the homeless and the unidentifiable. Back in medieval London, there was no way of knowing the names of the dead, unless identified by families. So records of the homeless often just read ‘An Infant’ or ‘A Chimney Sweep’.

To show respect for these lost souls, the locals have left a beautiful, if haunting, tribute to the dead that rest here. Ribbons with the names of the deceased written upon them and other mementos were tied to the gates in memory of these nameless bodies…

London Bridge Ghost Tour 5

Feeling thoroughly spooked, the tour came to an end back at London Bridge. We had learnt a huge amount about the history of London Bridge and heard more than enough chilling tales and ghost stories that haunt the area. It was a fantastic way to explore London Bridge by night and a great evening activity with a difference!


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