Leicester Archery Session For 2

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Learn the noble sport of archery and channel your inner William Tell, with this fantastic archery taster session for two.

  • Leicester (Leicestershire)
  • Price for 2 Participants
£ 56

Leicester Archery Session For 2

Learn the noble sport of archery and channel your inner William Tell, with this fantastic archery taster session for two.

This wonderful archery taster session for two is a fantastic way to spend time with a loved one, learning an absolutely awesome sport and perhaps even discovering a new passion. During this 90 minute introductory archery lesson, you'll be taught how to handle a bow and arrow and how to hit targets, Robin Hood style!

Archery is a very old, and very cool sport. Okay, so we don't tend to use it to catch our own food anymore, but anyone who's read or seen the Hunger Games will know what a valuable skill it is to have... just in case! This taster archery session in Leicestershire will equip you with basic archery skills, getting you familiar and comfortable with a bow and arrow, and able to fire those arrows into your target. The session begins with your instructor giving the group a full safety briefing, as well as an introduction to the ancient sport of archery; then you'll head to the range to get shooting. The first important thing you'll learn is to get your stance right and to hold the weapon properly. Once you've gotten those all-important basics down, it's all about focus - and a steady hand - as you fire those arrows at the target, hoping to hit the bulls-eye. You instructors will be beside you throughout the experience, to help you with any difficulties you have - and maybe even introduce a little healthy competition into the mix!

This is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and archery is a truly fantastic sport to get into, so if you've always wanted to try it - or you know someone who has - aim for this archery taster session in Leicestershire!

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This archery experience is available throughout the year; Monday to Thursday from 10am - 5pm, Fridays from 10am - 7pm, and Saturdays from 10am - 5pm.


Minimum age for this activity is 10 years, Children under 18 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.


Experience Duration: 01:15

Time at Venue: 01:15

The archery lesson will last for approximately 60 to 75 minutes (based on 2 people).

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Leicester Archery Session For 2 is for 2 participants.

Max Group Size: 11

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Family/friends are welcome along to watch your archery lesson; there are both indoor and outdoor spectator areas.

Where is it Located
What to wear

All archery equipment will be provided by the centre.

Ideally you should wear appropriate clothing for the outdoors, and something suitable for the weather, a waterproof is always a good idea where necessary! The centre has clean walk ways around the clay shooting area, but outdoor suitable shoes are a good idea.


Extreme weather conditions may mean that the experience becomes unsafe. If this is the case, the experience will then be rescheduled for another date..

£ 56
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