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We have recently added some amazing new products to our website. With a huge variety to choose from – you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy! Keep reading to find out more about the amazing things you could get up to with your family or friends.

Chocolate Workshop


This Devon based chocolate making workshop is an amazing way to exercise your chocolate handling skills. With a large variety of recipes and skills to learn, from chocolate tempering, melting and swirling, you’ll be a chocolate master in no time! Whether you want to learn new skills or just have fun making and baking with chocolate, there is no doubt that this is the perfect cooking workshop for true chocoholics! The ingredients in this class are some of the best you can get – and of course you’ll get to try your delicious creations at the end, or take them home to show and share with friends and family!

Introduction To Paddle Boarding 


Paddle boarding is an exciting way of getting fit, having fun in the great outdoors and learning a new water sport! Also known as SUP, this introduction in particular is in various locations around London and provides a unique way of seeing our famous capital. Paddleboarding makes a great gift for anyone who wants to try something new and adventurous and is a great activity for family or friends – even with the kids! With an expert instructor leading the way you’ll pick up the technique in no time, and discover a new hobby that you can enjoy developing!

R22 Trial Flight Lesson


Fancy seeing Wales from a whole new perspective? Why not check out this Trial Flight lesson in an R22 helicopter! Definitely one for the thrill-seekers; not only do you get to go up into the sky and admire the sights, but you’ll get to learn how to fly as well! You’ll have an instructor next to you at all times, guiding you through your flight and ensuring you’re developing your skills whilst having an unforgettable time. This is one aerial adventure you’ll most definitely crave to do it again!

DTV Shredder Adventure 


For something utterly new, unique and out of this world, the DTV Shredder ticks all the boxes. The vehicle lets you battle a whole variety of terrains, and is often described as an on-land jet ski due to its individual make up. Controlling it with right and left movements, the Shredder is an amazing machine that can tackle snow, ice, sand and mud! An incredible way to test your agility and try something you (and probably everyone you know) have never done before.

London Cabaret Show 


This fun-filled, action-packed cabaret show in London is one of the most exciting ways to spend a night out with friends. With a whole evening of glittering entertainment and a delicious tapas dinner, you’ll enjoy music, dancing, performances and great food. The night finishes with a DJ set so you can dance the night away until the early hours, and practise your own cabaret moves! This stunning performance is truly unforgettable and spectacular, and makes a unique gift that is guaranteed to beat the usual pair of socks.


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