Kitesurfing 3 Day Course Camber Sands

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This 3 Day Kitesurfing Course will help you achieve IKO Level 2 and become a skilled and independent Kitesurfer! Learn how to fly and control a kite on the beach, before hitting the water!

  • Romney Marsh (Kent)
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Kitesurfing 3 Day Course Camber Sands

This 3 Day Kitesurfing Course will help you achieve IKO Level 2 and become a skilled and independent Kitesurfer! Learn how to fly and control a kite on the beach, before hitting the water!

Kitesurfing has to be the most thrilling water and wind sport there is out there. Sailing across the blue sea at high speeds with just the wind guiding you gives you a feeling like no other, and such a rush of adrenaline that it becomes instantly addictive! This can account for kitesurfing's quick rise in popularity over recent years - once you give it a go, there's no going back. Beaches with flat water, such as Camber Sands, are favoured by kitesurfers because it's much easier to navigate on still water - so this course is ideal for new starters. Whether you want to learn how to perform big jumps and tricks, surf in the waves, or get carried at high speeds by the wind, kitesurfing offers all this and much more.

This 3 day course gives you the chance to master both kite and board control and become an entirely self-sufficient kitesurfer. If you want to learn how to kitesurf as quickly as possible, then this is the course for you - as well as experiencing different sea and wind conditions, you will have maximum time in the water and learn how to achieve water-starts and kitesurfing with control and confidence. This three day course will cover all aspects of kitesurfing, taking you from a complete novice to a safe and self-assured kitesurfer. During the course you will cover launching and landing of kites, pre flight checks, water safety, body-dragging, re-launching from water, water self rescues, load and launch, board starts, rules of the road, edging & riding up wind, self launching, self landing, weather theory and much more. In short, this is THE complete Kitesurfing course.Day 1: The day includes setting up the kites, flying and confidence building (flying larger kites), safety and generally having a great time. Learn how to control the power of the kite and use it to push yourself through the water.

Day 2: After a quick recap, it's back in the water for board starts, body dragging, water relaunch technique, edging the board, and maybe even your first turns! Throughout the day you will be taught kite ettiquette, and learn the tips you need to become an entirely independent kitesurfer.

Day 3: This is an advanced board session and your real chance to become a self-sufficient kitesurfer. You will learn to hone your techniques and glide smoothly over the water, and may even be attempting your first jumps. At the end of the third day, you can expect to be issued with an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certification card, allowing you to kitesurf and hire equipment all over the world.

On Completion of the 3 day course, you can buy kit from the shop, where there is a great selection of both new and second hand equipment. You also have the option to hire kitesurfing equipment if you would like to. After your kitesurfing lessons you will be given a BKSA kiteboarder progress card and starter booklet, which will help keep what you have learnt fresh in your mind.

This three day course is one for those serious about learning to Kitesurf - investing in the third day is really worthwhile. Book now and see just how far YOU come in 3 days!

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Kitesurfing is available all year round, although bear in mind that during winter months the water will be very cold!


If you have any medical conditions that you think may affect your ability to do the course, please check with the centre when booking. Participants must be confident swimmers and comfortable in the water.

The minimum age for kitesurfing at Camber is 12. There is no maximum/minimum weight or height, but you need to fit into a harness.


Experience Duration: 15:00

Time Spent at Venue: 18:00

The course lasts for 3 days. Each daily lesson lasts for 5 - 6 hours, and the start times can sometimes vary due to the tide.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Kitesurfing 3 Day Course Camber Sands is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Group sizes are usually 2 - 4 students per instructor, although sometimes this can vary . Friends and family are welcome to come and watch, but please find out from the instructors where the safest place to spectate from is.

Where is it Located
What to wear

All equipment needed for this course will be supplied. This includes board, wet suit, kite, harness and helmet. However, as it can sometimes be cold on the beach, you should also bring a change of warm clothes, a swimsuit and a towel. It is advisable to bring a drink and a snack, too. Swimming costumes, trunks or bikinis are fine to wear underneath your wetsuit. In summer months you should bring appropriate sun protection and sunglasses. If you have your own kit and want to use it for the lessons, please check with the centre first.


Kitesurfing is a weather dependent sport and you may need wind in a particular direction. Your kitesurfing lessons are held at Camber, East Sussex or Greatstone in Kent depending upon the wind direction - however, the meeting point is in Camber - here you must sign in and get kitted out with kites, boards, helmets and the gear you need for the day. Please call the centre on the day of your course or the day before to check that your lesson is going ahead.

£ 289