Kitesurfing 2 Day Course Camber Sands

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Two day kitesurfing course teaching you how to body-drag, board start and much more! IKO Level 2 Achievement Likely!

  • Romney Marsh (Kent)
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Kitesurfing 2 Day Course Camber Sands

Two day kitesurfing course teaching you how to body-drag, board start and much more! IKO Level 2 Achievement Likely!

Kite surfing is a cross between wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, windsurfing and powerkiting, and there’s nothing to compare when it comes to pure adrenaline sport. The amazing power generated by the kites offers the kitesurfer an all-encompassing thrill like no other sport in the world. Nothing can beat the incredible high you get from cruising along smooth water, riding huge waves or sailing through the air – kitesurfing gives you all this and more. With the introduction of modern equipment and an approach to learning developed by the International Kitesurfing Organisation (IKO), learning to Kitesurf has never been easier. Day 1 is your introduction to the sport, a background theory of kite surfing, the kit and the environment. You will also have a hands-on session with a power kite, exploring the kite’s abilities and performance, before heading into the water yourself! You will experience 'bodydragging' (being pulled by the kite) and all the thrills that accompany this. Day 2 is totally water-based, and you will be surprised at just how far you come in a short space of time - it is not unlikely that you will be a fully self-sufficient kiteboarder by the end, perhaps even reaching IKO Level 2!
So what are you waiting for - this is the best course available for beginners, so book now and prepare to be amazed.Day 1 is all about getting to know the equipment and learning how to fly a kitesurf kite (which is 90% of what kitesurfing is about). Once you are familiar with the basics, it's on to flying some Power Kites and learning about the wind window and other important safety procedures. You will finish the day by body-dragging (being pulled by the wind) which is huge fun - expect to get a mouthful of water as you master this essential art!

After a quick recap, Day 2 is all about trying to get up on the board and moving yourself around with confidence. You will learn plenty more rules of the road and, of course, the holy grail of learning to kitesurf - riding up wind. This two day course will give you a solid introduction to the sport, and if you have a grounding in board sports you may achieve IKO Level 2 certification. This means that you will be allowed to kitesurf and hire kiteboarding equipment all over the world - surely a must for any kiteboarding enthusiast! Whatever your goals, this is a great 2 day course where you will learn loads and unquestionably have a bucket load of fun!

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Kitesurfing is available all year round, although bear in mind that during colder months the water will be very cold!


There is no maximum/minimum height or weight, but you will need to fit into a harness. The minimum age is 12.
If you have any medical conditions you think might affect your ability to do the course, please check with the centre. Participants must be comfortable in the water and confident swimmers.


Experience Duration: 10:00

Time Spent at Venue: 12:00

The start times of each lesson can vary due to tide times.The course lasts for 2 days, with each lesson taking 5 - 6 hours.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Kitesurfing 2 Day Course Camber Sands is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Group sizes may vary but generally there will be 2 - 4 students per instructor. Family and friends are welcome to come and watch, but find out from the instructors where the safest place to watch from is.

Where is it Located
What to wear

As it is (unfortunately) not always hot and sunny on the beach, you should dress appropriately for the weather on the day and bring warm clothes. The first part of the course is land based so you will need trainers or other flat, sensible shoes. When you are in the water, swimming trunks, swimming costumes and bikinis are fine to wear underneath the wetsuit - and don't forget to bring a towel! You should also bring a snack, a drink, and sun protection and sun glasses for the summer months.
Everything else you need to do the course will be supplied - this includes wetsuits, life jackets, helmets, kites, boards, harnesses, leashes, bar and lines and insurance. If you have your own kit and want to use it, please do check with the centre first.


Kitesurfing is weather-dependent sport as you need sufficient wind and tides to get around. Kitesurfing lessons are held at Camber in East Sussex or Greatstone in Kent depending upon the wind. However, the meeting point is always in Camber as it is here that you sign in and pick up all the equipment you need for the day.
Please do call the centre on the day of your course, or even a day before, to ensure that your lesson is definitely going ahead.

£ 199