• NOV 4, 2015
  • WRITTEN BY: Rosie Littlejohns

Kite Buggy Lesson 34

I’ve always admired kite sports. It looks so impressive as people race along the beach, surfing and jumping into the sky supported by their kites and It’s always been something I’ve wanted to try. So, when we were invited to take part in a Kite Buggy class held in Camber, East Sussex, I was over the moon to be given the chance to try out this awesome sport!

We set off to Camber and after a drive through the winding roads of the Sussex countryside, we arrived at our destination. We were greeted with sights of kites soaring above the beach, harnessing the power of the wind. The winds were set to reach 16 mph that day, so conditions look like they would be perfect!

Kite Buggy Lesson 5

After signing a few forms, wrapping up warm and being introduced to Oreo our instructor, we were ready to go! Buggies in tow, we walked down onto the beautiful beach of Camber sands and were met by a dazzling view of sea and sand.

Oreo gave us a run through of the basics of Kite Sports, introducing us to the importance of the wind directions and the way we were facing. As complete novices, we were beginning to realise there was going to be a bit more to this sport than met the eye.

After showing us the correct way of setting up the kites, Oreo gave us a demonstration of his skills. He described the technique as riding a bike – pull left to turn left, pull right to turn right – which seemed simple enough! But then it was our turn to take the reins…

Kite Buggy Lesson 7The power of the wind immediately struck us. We were using training kites, just 1.5 meters wide, (tiny when compared with the 16 meter monsters being used by professionals out on the sea!) yet Becky and I were still nearly toppled by the power! Once we found our feet, we practised controlling the kite in the correct way to harness the power of the wind and move us along the beach. Having never flown a Sport Kite before, this did take some time, especially once Oreo threw in the techniques we needed to move left and right…

After a while of taking turns practising and Oreo offering guidance and helping us every step of the way, it was time to take a seat in our buggies! We were slightly apprehensive, but soon realised they were pretty easy to control and more importantly – easy to stop!

Kite Buggy Lesson 8

Kite Buggy lesson 9

Getting the hang of flying the kite, steering the buggy and moving all at once was a challenge. However, with the help of ever patient Oreo, we were soon able to control the buggy and race across the sand – for a little while at least!

The stunning scenery of Camber Sands, dotted with other Kite Buggiers, Kite Boarders and Kite Surfers, made the perfect setting for us to try out this awesome sport. After experiencing the excitement of this extreme sport, it was clear to see why so many people become addicts!

Kite Buggy Lesson 10

I’d highly recommended this Kite Buggy experience to anyone who is looking to try out a new adventure sport. Although it is challenging, it is loads of fun and we came out of the experience feeling like we’d achieved something and learnt the basics of Kite Buggying. I can’t wait to go again!

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