• MAY 13, 2014
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

Evie on the Road Film Strip 4If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know I went kayaking last year and absolutely loved it, so to go again was an absolute dream! This year I went with Abby up to the Weir Wood Reservoir to meet Hatt Adventures for a Sussex Kayaking Experience.


On arrival the weather wasn’t looking great, but that wasn’t going to stop us from going out on the water! We met Tom, our instructor, and the rest of our group, before getting kitted out and introduced to our kayaks for the session. Standing as a group, we practised paddle movements and correct handling of the oars, as well as what to do if you capsize (which I was strongly hoping didn’t happen!). After the safety brief it was time to shimmy our way onto the water.

Picture26At first we were a bit wobbly, and often found ourselves facing the entirely wrong direction, but with Tom’s expert help and a bit of practice, we were soon sailing along the reservoir at a steady pace. This activity was perfect for getting a good experience of all kayaking has to offer, getting both technical knowledge and the lovely views.


Tom was keen on teaching us manoeuvres such as moving sideways and keeping the boats going in a straight line – which is easier said than done! As a method of practise, we played a ball game in two teams, where the aim was to pass the ball to each other and try to hit Tom’s boat to score a point. Unfortunately us girls lost, but it was definitely a good way of learning and great fun!


We casually paddled along the edge of the reservoir, passing teepees and fields, before heading back to the shore for a de-brief. This experience is great if you’re looking to learn the skills involved in kayaking, whilst enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Because this activity takes place on a reservoir not a river, there are no pesky currents to put you off your game, so you get to practise those moves uninterrupted! A fantastic experience gift for those looking to pick up a new hobby, or just want to try something different. Many thanks to Tom for inviting us along and being a wonderful instructor!

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