Junior Off-Road Driving Experience in Kent - 2 Hours

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Learn to drive a 4x4 with this 2 Hour Junior Off-Road Driving session in Ashford, Kent!

  • Ashford (Kent)
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£ 149

Junior Off-Road Driving Experience in Kent - 2 Hours

Learn to drive a 4x4 with this 2 Hour Junior Off-Road Driving session in Ashford, Kent!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a budding off-roader in your life, then this 2 hour Junior Off-Road Driving Experience in Ashford has got to be the answer! Not yet having a licence doesn’t mean they can ‘t be let loose off-road, so why not allow them to really get to grips with an amazing vehicle, on a premium purpose-built course?

Available to young drivers between the ages of 12 and 17, this off-road experience allows for 2 solid hours of exhilarating one to one tuition with a dedicated instructor – so you don’t need to worry about how much time they get behind the wheel…we all know how kids hate to share!

After a thorough introduction to the terrain and their vehicle, your aspiring young motorist will hop into the driver’s seat to begin their truly tailor-made session of driving. It won’t take them long to realise just how immense and powerful these 4x4 vehicles really are. Making their way around the challenging terrain, they will learn the basic principles of driving – steering, accelerating, braking –and take on a range of obstacles to test their level of control. The expert instructor will be on hand to guide them through every unexpected ditch, bump, slope and muddy puddle – upping the tempo as the driver gains confidence. With the best part of 2 hours behind the wheel, this 4x4 Off Road Driving experience will allow them the time to develop their new skills, and provide an excellent knowledge of general vehicle control, before they tackle the real world!

This 2 hour Junior Off-Road Driving Experience in Kent is the perfect gift for any kid who loves a challenge and will push them to their absolute limits.

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This 2 hour Junior 4x4 Experience runs throughout the year, usually 7 days a week - subject to availability.


Minimum age: 12

Maximum age: 17 (providing that you do not have a drivers licence)

The minimum height for this experience is 4ft 8in as drivers must be able to see over the steering wheel, and reach the peddles.

Drivers must be accompanied by an adult.

Experience Duration: 02:00

Time at Venue: 02:00

Please allow 2 hours for the Junior Driving Experience, and arrive with plenty of time to get yourselves checked in.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Junior Off-Road Driving Experience in Kent - 2 Hours is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: -1

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

This is a 1:1 tuition experience.

Junior drivers must be accompanied in the vehicle by an adult (free of charge) - there will be an additional fee for any extra passengers after this(£30.00).

Where is it Located
What to wear

Please dress in comfortable clothing and be prepared for the outdoors, including flat, sturdy footwear - it could be very muddy!


This 2 Hour Junior Off Road Driving Experience runs all year round and will not be affected by weather conditions (unless extreme).


A well-organised experience in a lovely location.

- Ride, Wyboston, Beds

Fabulous experience. My son thoroughly enjoyed it. Although there was a problem with the vehicle, we were very fairlly treated and the instructor was brilliant. Excellent service! Thank you.


Thanks to Matt, the instructor, our Grandson had the time of his life and loved every minute of the experience and can't wait to do it again.


I bought this experience for my son's 16th birthday present. He absolutely loved it and raved on about how cool, sorry, "wicked" it was. He has done a bit of karting before but this was entirely new. It got off to a slow start as we had to wait for the right vehicle for him, something about the tyres and the ground but the staff looked after us, were very friendly and chatted about all the plans. Once the vehicle arrived Bryn was given a bit of instruction on the flat and then took to driving himself. No problems with clutch control etc I was amazed. The instructor then took him round the course and showed him how to approach the hills and ditches and then he had a go himself. Stalled on the first rise but thereafter no difficulties. It was awesome watching what he and the vehicle could do on a course that I am sure would challenge the most experienced of drivers. He came back with a smile that will take months to wipe off. Only trouble is he wants me to buy a Discovery now! It was fantastic - we will definitely go back and my daughter is now talking about their hovercraft. Thanks to all concerned for giving him an experience that will stay with him for a long, long time; for looking after him and the rest of us.


The 4x4 Driving Experience was a gift for our 15 year old son. Superb experience - Adam the instructor was brilliant. Nothing but praise for the experience One small negative - scruffy site - clean up the rubbish :)

£ 149
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