• JUN 3, 2015
  • WRITTEN BY: Poppy Hatrick

PicMonkey Collage

We are in June and (arguably) the best season is finally upon us… It’s summer! The sun is shining and our Facebook news feeds are abundant with envious balcony pictures of sun sets, pool side lounging and the same scenario of your brother’s girlfriend’s sister holding a pint in a remote field somewhere (from 56 different selfie angles).

Are we bitter? No! Because we have a huge selection of our own summer related experiences for you to feast your shaded eyes on!

1411_2Your friends may be flying a kite in the park on a warm summer’s day but you could be taking part in another kite sport which is a lot more exhilarating and extreme! Experience Days offer gift vouchers for Kite BuggyingPower Kiting and Kite Surfing. Learning to fly a power kite is a totally thrilling adrenaline rush; the feeling of harnessing the wind in such a powerful kite apparatus will give you an exhilarating and unique day out, like nothing you’ve ever done before – be it on dry land, or in the sea! Our taster sessions are the perfect way to get the wind in your face with an incredible sail-sport…and the best way to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather!

1733_2Coasteering is an adventure sport that is not to be missed! This activity incorporates; swimming, traversing, and cliff jumping! Guided by an expert instructor, your instructor will lead you and your group across huge rocks that will give you true appreciation for nature’s adversity! The route tackles sheer cliff faces, deep inlets and a swim through open water in both sea and inland rivers. This is a daring exploration for both friends and family, which will challenge and excite all participants involved! This trek will call for maximum endurance throughout the coasteering, with obstacles of wind and waves to challenge you. On completion of this truly rocky road, you will leave with the ultimate sense of achievement and self-satisfaction.

2616_4How about a day out in the beautiful countryside with picturesque views of Romney Marsh area, accompanied by a furry friend…a llama? Lead by a guide, this relaxing outdoor experience provides each participant with their own llama to trek with for the day, so you can really get acquainted with these curious and friendly animals! The trek is for two participants and includes 4 miles in total of land, lasting for about 2 hours in total. Once the trek draws to an end and you arrive back at the farm, you will be able to meet some of the adorable baby llamas and their mothers! Feel free to finish your day with a picnic lunch on the farm land!



There are plenty more activities for you to try out this Summer, from navigating over walls of rock to climbing aboard a majestic stallion and horseback riding across a beach in Cumbria! We offer a wide variety of activities to cater for all ages, interests and personality-types nationwide, so check out one of the magical ways you could be spending your time this Summer!


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