• JUN 5, 2013
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Hi guys, Jo here … and the time has come for me to move on! Booo … but I knew this was the case when I signed up to be an extreme reviewer for Extreme Element. Back to university I go though … don’t worry, this wasn’t me pre-empting my death at Tough Mudder this weekend!

In case you’ve missed anything, or just want a recap of my time here, I thought I’d give you a brief run through … and, corr, what a year it’s been! Wakeboarding, land yachting and even learning to fly a plane, I really have ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ … quite literally:

To kick-start my time here I went on a driving day experience at the wonderful Goodwood Track with the amazing Mithrill guys. I hopped into a Mustang and drove it around the course – certainly an experience compared to the Extreme Element Mini!

Driving Day at Goodwood

I was then faced with a whole other track -a go-karting course, where I proudly came in second against some of the Extreme Element team (a very proud moment for me)!

GoKarting in Brighton

Moving swiftly on and my boss is reminded about how I can beat him – again! I was thrown into a boxing ring, but not just any ring … I was up against a pro MMA fighter – Sol Gilbert. He taught me how to punch, kick and grapple.

Extreme Fight Skool

From a boxing ring to a RIB ride, racing down the Thames and learning a little more about London … followed closely by a ride in an Ariel Atom and a drive around the track in a Lamborghini (still hoping to receive this car next Christmas) … and what a phenomenal drive that was!

Trading in that Ariel Atom race helmet for something a little smaller, I headed to London and learned to climb ice! Who would have thought you could do that in England, eh? Hacking away and reaching the top to ding the bell was a real feeling of accomplishment!

Last, but not least, another incredibly memorable experience – learning to fly a plane over Denver. Ahh yes, I took a plane over to Colorado to visit our US office and hopped right into another aircraft … this time in the pilot seat! I really did end on a right good ‘un!

In between these fantastic experiences I visited so many other unbelievable places, if you want to find out more you can check them out on the blog:
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Jo on the Road with Extreme Element

Thank you Extreme Element, I have had a truly wonderful time and I hope your readers enjoyed my experiences! Up next, we have Evie who will be driving, flying and making her way in the extreme world just like I did!


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