• SEP 25, 2012
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Extreme Element offer an incredible selection of extreme experiences including driving days, water adventures and flying weekends. For the next 10 months I’ll be driving, flying, sailing and punching my way through as many experiences as possible, then reporting back to you extreme fans about my mini adventures! Want to know more about what I’m doing?

My first day out of the office was spent on the Goodwood track with the highly entertaining Mithrill team. As I’m sure some of you can imagine I’m eyeing up the stunning Lamborghini, striking Dodge Viper and spectacular Mustang, eager to get in the driving seat! Then I remember why I’ve been sent here…the British Classics, which are not to be forgotten! I may be a young girl with a relatively small amount of knowledge about cars…but I’ve heard my dad talk about them, and I tell you what, they really are quite something in the metal!

Standing at the side of the track watching all three cars being driven by customers (accompanied by a member of staff) – just as eager as me, I get chatting to some of the enthusiastic staff, who tell me that each lucky driver is allowed three laps in each classic car. They go on to explain that they only ever allow ten cars on the track…plenty of space to really enjoy the circuit!

The Three British Classics

Aston Martin DB4

Jaguar E-Type

Lotus Cortina.

Although I didn’t get to drive one of these beauties, I was allowed to tear around the track in this American motor:

…and what a drive! Not quite like my first car – a Vauxhall Nova! Come to that it really was quite a different driving experience compared to my Golf and current Mini One. Talking of BMW Mini, my day at the Goodwood Race Track ended with a hot lap in one! Reaching speeds of 120mph, I’m just glad I was sat safely in the passenger seat to enjoy this experience! Really did open my eyes to what my Mini could do…shame about the speed limits on our roads!

Me speeding around in the Mustang:

Goodwood British Classics
With so many driving experiences at Goodwood, and an amazing team of enthusiastic and passionate staff members, you might struggle to chose just one…

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