Jet Ski Experience in Lincolnshire

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Enjoy jet skiing around the 45 acre Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire

  • Lincoln (Lincolnshire)
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Jet Ski Experience in Lincolnshire

Enjoy jet skiing around the 45 acre Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire

Experience the incredible thrill of jet skiing as you power across the water at Tattershall Lakes, Lincolshire, the perfect experience gift for any thrill-seeker or just a fantastic activity to enjoy yourself!

Whether you've never been jet skiing before and have always wanted to learn or have tried it before and are back for your next dose, you can bet that this thrilling thirty minute experience will leave you absolutely buzzing. The feel of the wind in your hair as you zoom over waves at eye-watering speeds is utterly exhilarating, and must be experienced to be believed. This superb activity is your chance to climb aboard a mighty jet-ski and have an absolute blast as you put this awesome craft through its paces and explore the beautiful 45 acre Tattershall Lakes. Your experience will begin on arrival at the lakes, where you will be greeted by the staff and will get kitted up into the safety gear. You'll then be given a safety briefing and will get familiar with the jet-ski before the real fun starts! You will first ride the jet-ski around the lake accompanied by your instructor, and then once they are happy that you're confident, you have free reign to explore the lake by yourself! You will have a brilliant time zooming around the race track, and will soon be utterly hooked on this adrenaline-pumping activity.

So, whether you want to enjoy this experience yourself or would rather treat a lucky friend to a unique gift they'll never forget, nothing about this activity will disappoint. Hit the water today and don't look back!

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The Jet Ski Experience in Lincolnshire is available seven days a week throughout the year, from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm during the summer months and from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm during the off-season.


Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Weight: 30 stone
Minimum Height: 5 foot

You should have good eyesight and ensure you have no underlying health problems before taking part in this experience.


Experience Duration: 00:30

Time Spent at Venue: 01:00

The Jet Ski Experience in Lincolnshire will last for approximately thirty minutes with around 15 minutes on the water. Please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your experience is due to start to make sure you have time to get kitted up and listen to the safety briefing.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Jet Ski Experience in Lincolnshire is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: 1

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

The Jet Ski Experience in Lincolnshire is for one person, although your friends and family are welcome to wait for you and watch your experience as it goes ahead. There are toilets and changing facilities available on site, as well as refreshments.

Where is it Located
What to wear

Please bring swimwear, a towel, a pair of old trainers, and a dry change of clothes for your Jet Ski Experience in Lincolnshire. All safety gear will be provided for you.


The Jet Ski Experience in Lincolnshire is not weather dependent.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5

Exceeded expectations

I bought this experience for my son as part of his 18th birthday present. I was worried about 2 conflicting things: 1. Would it be too tame and he wouldn't enjoy it or: 2. Would it be too dangerous? It wasn't tame by any stretch of the imagination and he absolutely loved it! He had a short introduction with an instructor and then he was off by himself and had at least 20 minutes zooming around the lake! (enough for me, watching on chewing my nails). We booked him in before we went in advance and I'm glad we did because it was a very busy sunny weekend. We stayed over in a caravan actually on Tattershall lakes, which is a great holiday water park with lots of other activities to try out.

- Cheshire
Verified Experience Days Participant

A great experience. My son and I had a great time. It was a good taster experience which was exactly what I wanted. The only downside was that we were not on the lake together but I wouldn't reduce the rating for that as overall it was excellent. I would definitely recommend it for all ages.

- Selby
Verified Experience Days Participant
White Knuckle Water Ride...

Fantastic - had an amazing time - got slightly wet - very stable boat - guessing it would be almost impossible to turn over - just have to watch out for other water users and rapidly approaching shores! Only downside is that there is a single boat so couldn't race against friends - also didn't have free reign of the lake - had to share with a hovercraft (nominated zones).. :)

Verified Experience Days Participant

Was lucky enough to be on my own but buzzing round the lake for 20 mins!. Glad I had a go. Would recommend.

Verified Experience Days Participant

Brilliant fun!! We will definatly be doing this again!! Thanks to the staff at the centre for a great day!

Verified Experience Days Participant

We had such a fun day, and we cant wait to do it again!!!! Huge thanks to all the staff at the centre for a brilliant day!

Verified Experience Days Participant

a great day, very good chance to have a go on stand up Jetskis although very hard. the sit down jet ski was slower (based on my previous experiences felt more of a beginners class on the sit down jet ski). however i did thoroughly enjoy the day.

Verified Experience Days Participant

good facilities, great instruction without being too in command, good equipment and thoroughly enjoyed the experience

Verified Experience Days Participant
£ 49