• OCT 11, 2012
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Last time, ‘Jo on the Road’ went to Goodwood, where I got behind the wheel of a beautiful American motor – a Mustang. This time, I got in the driving seat of a slightly different four-wheeled vehicle:

An indoor go-kart! Some of the Extreme Element crew joined me on the track this time, I would be lying if I said it was a friendly race…

All kitted up in the overalls provided, we head to the safety room to watch a video highlighting the rules and precautions…make sure you pay close attention. A couple of the team definitely didn’t and managed to earn themselves some hefty time penalties!

Time to head to the track – helmets strapped up, gloves on, visor down, just waiting for the green light. The first of two races (both 15 minutes) is vital for getting used to the track and aiming to get the fastest lap you can to qualify through in the best position for the next race.

Before you know it the black and white checker flag is waving, indicating for you to come in to the pit stop. Where you can then find out how well you qualified in the first heats. After a much needed drink and food break in the venue’s restaurant, as a couple of other teams are speeding around the circuit, we head back out onto the race track. This time though, in lap time order and even more competitive than before! I am pleased to say I came in 2nd and my medal now sits proudly on my desk!

The enthusiastic and helpful staff made the day even more enjoyable, definitely an experience made for teams and family fun. Just make sure you avoid those competitive racers or you could wake up with a bruise or two!

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