Half Day Whitecliff 4x4 Driving Experience - Gloucester

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40 fantastic acres of Whitecliff Quarry to practice and perfect your 4x4 driving skills with this top rated off road experience!

  • Gloucester (Gloucestershire)
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£ 130

Half Day Whitecliff 4x4 Driving Experience - Gloucester

40 fantastic acres of Whitecliff Quarry to practice and perfect your 4x4 driving skills with this top rated off road experience!

Top quality 4x4 driving experience, based in Whitecliff Quarry, Gloucestershire. Show off your 4x4 skills with a qualified BORDA instructor, experience the incredible 40 acre off road site and challenge a range of obstacles including steep hills and muddy mounds! This experience is perfect for all types of drivers and all abilities! Listen to the instructors as they guide you through tricky manoeuvres and help you to pick up pace around the tough terrain!After arriving at the Gloucestershire centre, your Whitecliff 4x4 experience will begin with a tea and coffee and introduction to your BORDA qualified instructor. You will be discussing what is to be achieved on the day, the vehicles and the safety aspects of off road driving. Once briefed it's time to buckle up and get ready to hit the driving site! Starting with a walking analysis of the challenging off road track, you will discuss the best techniques and routes to take on your drive, before getting into your vehicle to put theory into practice. With the instructor in the front seat providing expert advice, you'll have no problem tackling the tricky terrains in this powerful off road machine. Enjoy!

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This experience is available on most Mondays-Saturdays throughout the year.

The centre will close for two weeks over Christmas.

Please note, the centre also runs owner driver courses where customers may use their own vehicle on the day - Discovery 4 pictured was a customer's own car. For this option please enquire upon booking.


Minimum Age: 17
Participants must hold a full Driving License, and be able to drive an unmodified 4x4 vehicle.


Experience Duration: 03:30

Time Spent at Venue: 03:45

Whitecliff 4x4 Half Day will last for around 3.5 hours in total.

Please be aware, this activity is not exclusive - you may be sharing the 3.5 hours with up to 2 other participants on the day.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Half Day Whitecliff 4x4 Driving Experience - Gloucester is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: 3

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Drivers are permitted to bring one adult spectator each, and extra lunch can be pre-booked for these spectators at a cost of £10 (must be booked one week prior).

Spectators will be stood outside without shelter for the duration of the experience, regardless of weather conditions.

Children under 16 are unfortunately not allowed to attend as a spectator.

Where is it Located
What to wear

Please wear weather proof clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Sturdy shoes or trainers are fine, but be prepared to get them a little dirty!


The experience is rarely affected by weather conditions and will only cease to operate in the most extreme of cases. Please phone the centre on the day to confirm that the experience is going ahead.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5

A great experience

Really enjoyed our half day at Whitecliffe - wished we'd gone for the full day instead!


Overall a very enjoyable and informative morning, although due to the excessively hot weather there was very little water/mud. The administration prior to the event was very good and efficient.


This was an excellent experience for someone who is not normally into 4X4 driving. The course was well constructed, well briefed on and the actual driving experience greatly benefited from having the Instructor there with you. The actual driving arena within the disused quarry was good and certainly tested our ability. Highly recommended for those wanting a good grounding in 4X4 driving. I even wrote up an article enthusing about it for our local village magazine.


the way the course was run was excellent with very attentive instruction from Bryn . he gave me exactly what I wanted i.e. an introduction to 4 x 4 driving . at the start of the course I couldnt believe what I was expected to do and was encouraged to over come doubts and open up a whole new world of motoring.


Fantastic day the 3 instructors where excellent very informative with a beautiful setting in the heart of the forest of dean :)

£ 130