Group Flyboarding Half Day Experience Dumfries

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Enjoy 6 Flyboarding sessions in Dumfries with this incredible half day flyboarding experience.

  • Dumfries (Dumfries and Galloway)
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£ 475

Group Flyboarding Half Day Experience Dumfries

Enjoy 6 Flyboarding sessions in Dumfries with this incredible half day flyboarding experience.

This Dumfries Flyboarding experience for groups is an action-packed, fun-filled day of incredible water jet pack action. This group flyboarding experience may just be the best stag party idea ever, as you and up to 5 of your mates can take turns piloting the unbelievable, futuristic flyboard!

This experience is a half day of flyboarding madness that includes six thirty minute flyboard flights. The flyboard, if you have not encountered one before, is basically a water jet pack that runs off the power from a JetSki, using a connecting 30 foot power hose. You place your feet in the bindings attached to the board itself, and hold on tight as four high-pressure jets of water are forced through four nozzles on the flyboard, propelling you out of the water and up to 30 foot into the air! The flyboarding experience kicks off with a thorough safety briefing, during which your instructors will explain how the flyboard works and what you need to do to operate it. After this, its time to hit the water, as you take it in turns to pilot the flyboard for thirty minutes each, getting used t their sheer raw power and trying to find your balance. Some people will progress quicker than others, but by the end of your session you have started to get a handle on the madness of the water jet pack!

Whether you want to go along just with one friend to split the six flyboarding sessions between you, or you are looking for the perfect stag party idea for up to six of your friends, this Dumfries flyboarding experience for groups is the perfect half day of water jet pack action!

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This half day group Flyboarding experience in Dumfries can be booked between April and September, on both weekday and weekend dates. All bookings are subject to availability.


You must be at least 16 years of age to participate in the Dumfries flyboarding experience. All flyboard pilots must be able to swim and in good health.

Anyone who turns up to the Dumfries flyboarding experience who is considered to be intoxicated (alcohol or any other substances) will not be allowed on-site, and will not be refunded.

Minimum Weight:
7 Stone
Maximum Weight: 16 Stone

Sufferers of asthma and diabetes should inform the instructor about their condition, and should keep any medication close to the Flyboarding lake. Flyboarding is not a suitable sport for pregnant women or those with a heart condition.


Experience Duration: 03:00

Time Spent at Venue: 04:00

This is a half day flyboarding experience that includes 6x 30 minute flights - please expect to be at the centre for around 4 hours in total.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Group Flyboarding Half Day Experience Dumfries is for 6 participants.

Max Group Size: 6

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

This half day flyboarding experience can be shared between up to 6 people.

The price remains the same whether you bring 1 person or 6.

Friends, family and loved ones are very welcome to come to the lake and watch as you try to fly the incredible Flyboard!
Where is it Located
What to wear

Please have a swimming costume to wear, and a towel and warm change of clothes for after our flyboarding session.

All necessary Flyboarding gear and safety equipment will be provided for you at the centre. It is compulsory that you wear all gear provided.


The half day group Flyboarding experience in Dumfries is a weather dependent activity, and it might have to be rescheduled if conditions make a Flyboard flight unsafe. Rain is generally not an issue.

If you are unsure about the weather on the day of your experience, please contact the Dumfries flyboarding provider directly before setting off for your experience.

£ 475