We have it on good authority (and when we say ‘good authority’ we do of course mean Google) that September is the most common birthday month in the U.K. This suggests that the warm and fuzzy Christmas spirit - mingled with quite a lot of cheap Buck’s Fizz and bad weather - leads to plenty of babies being conceived around the festive season. With what we’re now calling Birthday Season looming over us, we thought there’s no better time to help you select the perfect present for all the people you (probably) know who were born in September. Over the next month, we’ll be bringing you a series of gift guides, each one focused on a specific interest or hobby.

In this list, we bring you the most unique and exciting gifts for TV and movie buffs.

Ugh, filmy people, am I right? So difficult to buy for. If it were the 90’s we could happily burden them with a second-hand video of Pulp Fiction with its tape not rewound properly and call it a day. Sigh… simpler times. But this high-tech futuristic present in which we live allows us to watch a movie at the – sometimes illegal – click of a button... Literally thousands and thousands of them, available at our lazy, screen-tapping fingertips. The concept of film and TV being packaged and sold as a physical entity is already becoming somewhat antiquated, so giving someone a DVD of their favourite film or TV show doesn’t really seem to be enough anymore. They’ve already seen it. Five times. And it only came out yesterday.

The physical exchange of films and TV is going out of style, whether we like it or not, so with that in mind we’ve got to find a different way to entertain our film and TV-obsessed pals, haven’t we? That’s where Experience Days comes in. Take them out of the role of the observer, and put them slap-bang in the middle of the action they’ve been watching from their sofa for all these years. With our hand-picked selection of TV and movie experiences, they can walk the same streets, drive the same cars, and explore the same fantastical landscapes as their silver-screen heroes. They can even take matters into their own hands, learning how to go from watching TV to – hopefully, one day – making it.

With that said, let’s delve into the best gifts for TV and movie buffs! Are you ready for your close-up? Lights, camera, action! How many more film puns can we shoe-horn in here? We’re stopping now! Ok! Sorry! Let’s get on with the list!

1. Harry Potter Afternoon Tea and Bus Tour - £35

Even though the British boy wizard’s adventures were most famously recorded on the page, the film adaptations have been a huge success amongst fans of the book and movie-goers alike. The films series, originally adapted for the screen by Chris Columbus, are famous for beginning with a magic sense of childlike wonder, before being imbued with a thorny darkness when passed into the hands of director Alfonso Cuarón. Whether they’re into Harry Potter or not, film fans can’t deny the intrigue of this series as a case-study for how a story evolves, and how the evolution of story is represented through cinematography, lighting and dialogue.  

If there’s a movie buff in your life who deserves a special gift, take them on a journey through the city that inspired the imagination of JK Rowling and immortalised the fantastical lives of Harry, Ron and Hermione to be enjoyed for generations. On this 1.5-hour tour, your film-loving giftee will enjoy riding in a vintage red Routemaster bus through the magical streets of Edinburgh, while indulging in the only thing more British than Harry Potter: a good old-fashioned afternoon tea! This 1.5 Hour Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Tour is the perfect way to see Edinburgh.

2. Game of Thrones Tour with Giant's Causeway, Belfast - £45

We’re going to hazard a guess here and say that the TV and movie buff in your life might possibly be a fan of one of the most successful and talked-about TV shows ever made. Game of Thrones, adapted from George R.R. Martin’s book series of the same name, captured the hearts of many-a-nerd when it originally came to HBO, and has since earned the adoration of nearly every single person on the planet, nerd or otherwise (we haven’t fact checked this against HBO’s viewing figures, by the way. But we’re pretty sure it’s everyone on the planet).

This 9-hour Game of Thrones Tour with Giants Causeway in Belfast is the perfect way to indulge any GOT nerd’s obsession. Meeting in central Belfast, this tour takes its guests on a journey through the fantastical scenery of Northern Ireland. With ragged, epic cliff faces, mysteriously winding forest paths and crumbling 17th century ruins, the landscape of Northern Ireland is the perfect setting for fantasy, and a beautiful place to explore for Game of Thrones fans or those who just enjoy a hike through picture-perfect surroundings. Fans who have come to walk the same ground as their fantasy heroes won’t be disappointed, as there are plenty of filming locations covered, including Camp of Renly Baratheon of Storm’s End, the iconic Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, The Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle, and many more! You’ll want to make sure they remember their camera, as the jaw-dropping beauty of some of these locations beggars belief.

3. One Hour Drone Flying Lesson - £120

If the film buff in your life is tempted to take things into their own hands, help them expand their movie-making skillset with this one-hour drone flying lesson. Footage taken on the ground is all well and good, but there’s something to be said for an incredible, sweeping aerial shot of the landscape. During this one-on-one lesson available in several scenic locations across the UK, they’ll learn from a PfCO qualified instructor how to operate this fascinating piece of equipment. They can either bring their own drone along with them (providing that their instructor supports the model) or borrow a DJI drone for the day. They’ll start with a relaxed discussion about any prior experience and what they’re hoping to take from the lesson. The rest of the time will be split between theory-based learning and practical, hands-on flying, with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. This is truly an hour well spent for movie fans wanting to take beautiful footage of their own. 

4. Movie Cars Experience - £99

Does the movie fan in your life want to drive in the footsteps – or should we say tyre tracks – of their silver screen heroes? With this 3 Movie Car Driving Experience, they can choose 3 movie cars to take around the track for 3 miles each. If they want to be Fast and Furious (or... 2 Fast 2 Furious, or any of the other 10,000 films in that ever-expanding series) they can make like Vin Diesel and hop into a Nissan Skyline. If they’re a Knight Rider fan, they’ll be able to have a go in the ‘KITT’ Pontiac Firebird. Maybe they fancy themselves a bit of a James Bond – why not treat them to a spin in the Aston Martin Vantage?

As well as the above cars, there is a huge selection of movie favourites to choose from, including the Audi R8 from Iron Man, the 2013 Shelby Mustang GT500 from Need for Speed, the "Eleanor" Mustang from Gone in 60 Seconds, and plenty more. After this track day, they’ll feel like a real action star.

5. Two Hour Videography Course in London - £38

Help budding movie directors unlock their inner Stanley Kubrick (minus the problematic treatment of actresses, of course) with this 2 Hour Videography Course in London. After this incredible course, they’ll be equipped with the tools they need to create their own mini-masterpieces worthy of an Oscar. (Okay, maybe not an Oscar, that’s quite difficult to achieve even for Hollywood directors. It wasn’t awarded to a woman until 2009. ...Hmm. Hollywood is quite problematic, isn’t it?)

They’ll begin their experience with a friendly welcome to the studio in the centre of London, where they’ll meet the rest of the group. Their tutor for the day, a professional videographer, will give them a brief introduction to film and techniques for getting the best from their DSLR camera. Next, your budding director pal will get to bring their ideas to life, planning their movie, creating a story and getting ready to edit down their video. By the end of the day, they’ll feel like a real director in their own right. Stanley who? (…Stanley Kubrick. He’s… still actually quite famous.)

6. Doctor Who Walking Locations Tour for 2 - £30

If the TV buff you’re buying for is a fan of the doctor, you won’t find a much better present than this Doctor Who Walking Locations Tour for 2. (well – maybe an actual genuine sonic screwdriver which really unlocks any door, disarms robots and melts people… but they’re fairly hard to come by these days.)

Not only is this tour a great opportunity to explore London with a knowledgeable guide, it will also deliver behind-the-scenes insights on the filming of the television show. The proudly Whovian guide will come to land in their police box (okay, we made that part up, they’ll be on foot like the rest of us one-hearted humans) at London Bridge. From there, they’ll take your giftee to several locations used in the filming of the series, from The Globe Theatre used in ‘The Shakespeare Code’ to the Great Intelligence Base from ‘The Bells of Saint John’. They will also learn fascinating behind-the-scenes trivia, and stories of how the crew filmed the adventures of everybody’s favourite ever-evolving Sci Fi hero in London’s busiest areas.

7. James Bond Filming Locations Tour of London – £24

With this insightful James Bond Filming Locations Tour of London, your film-loving friend will see the capital through 007’s (admittedly slightly seedy) eyes. All they’ll need is a valid Oyster or travel card, and they’ll be on their way to unlocking a very British spy adventure! The tour begins at Charing Cross railway station, where they will meet their group and tour guide for the day. Next, they will make their way through Westminster, visiting London’s oldest restaurants (as featured in Spectre), The National Gallery, Whitehall, MI5 and of course, MI6. It’s a real thrill for any self-respecting Bond fan to walk through the major landmarks the spy himself has wandered. Just make sure they don’t carry his attitude or choice of alcoholic beverage into their own personal life. Nobody is prepared to admit that Martinis are actually disgusting, but we’re whistle-blowers here…

8. Peaky Blinders Bus Tour – Liverpool - £35

Does the TV-lover in your life fancy themselves a bit of an old-timey gangster? Then they should don their most fetching tweed waistcoat and Newsboy hat for this Liverpool Peaky Blinders tour. (Maybe advise them to leave their shotgun at home, though, that’s perhaps a bit too far…) Meeting their guide in central Liverpool, they’ll travel back (figuratively, please, we don’t want to get sued) to the 1900’s, and learn the dark history of the real Peaky Blinders. They’ll hear tales of deception, brawls and conflict as they begin to interweave the true story with the fictionalised narrative of the show, exploring filming locations used throughout the series. They’ll visit 10 different fascinating locations within the city, walking through the same hallowed streets as the famed gangsters. Stops include the river Mersey for the perfect panoramic photo opportunity, Canal Waterways Museum that stood as the Camden Town Warehouse in the series, and a very cheerful trip to the spot where Tommy was almost beaten to death. Ah, 19th century fun.

9. Only Fools and Horses Tour, Bristol - £30

Don’t be a plonker, make the right choice and gift the Delboy fan in your life with this Only Fools and Horses tour! Writer John Sullivan’s much-loved comedy classic Only Fools and Horses has provided the British public with comforting laughs for years, and was filmed in Bristol from the late 1980’s to 2003, when the show ended. As such, the streets of Bristol have served as the backdrop for the show’s most iconic comedy moments, thought up by Sullivan and brought to life by the legendary David Jason as Delboy.

This thorough 3-hour bus tour will take fans on the ultimate journey through Delboy and Rodney’s swindles, schemes and scams, providing fans with the thrill of seeing exactly where their adventures took place. Guests will depart by coach from Bristol Temple Meads, and take a journey into the cheeky, hilarious world of Only Fools and Horses. The tour includes exterior locations used in filming, and is packed full of behind-the-scenes knowledge about the creation of the show, it’s script and it’s characters. Fans will have a chance to get their picture taken outside Nelson Mandela House, stand on the same spot where Batman and Robin frighten the muggers, and take a half-hour guided tour in central Bristol to see locations up close! Lovely jubbly!  

10. Bank Heist Escape Room for 2 in Brighton - £24

Okay, we’re stretching the parameters of our theme a bit here – but which Ocean’s 11 fan doesn’t love a good heist? In fact, who in the known universe doesn’t love a good heist? Well, bank clerks, we suppose. It can’t be too much fun for them.

Obviously, we’re not suggesting that you rob an actual bank (unless you’re going to steal from the rich and give to the poor Robin Hood-style, then we’ll look the other way…) but this Bank Heist Escape Room for 2 is the perfect way to simulate the thrill of breaking into a locked vault and stealing the contents for yourself, without, y’know, actually getting arrested or whatever. Hidden around the back of a colourful coffee shop in Brighton, this escape room takes place in a real restored bank vault and challenges you to rob the goods in the time allowed without alerting the fuzz… of course, your getaway driver Terrance will be available via Whatsapp if you get stuck (getaway drivers are very technical these days, you know.)

For movie fans who love a classic Heist, there’s no better way to live the fantasy than this incredible escape room.


… Okay, that's the last movie pun, we promise. On that note, we conclude our list of 10 experience days for Film and TV buffs! We hope you’ve found something for the film fan in your life, whether they’re mad on Harry Potter, obsessed with James Bond, or just want to make films of their own. If you’re still looking, check out our full selection of TV and Movie Tours here. The budding filmmaker in your life deserves to have their creativity encouraged, so help them explore their interests with an Experience Days voucher. But please, whatever you do, make sure they don’t follow in Stanley Kubrick’s footsteps. Poor, poor Shelley Duvall…  



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