Full Body Massage Workshop - London

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Learn how to give the perfect full body massage...and receive one too, with this non-certified beginners workshop in central London.

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Full Body Massage Workshop - London

Learn how to give the perfect full body massage...and receive one too, with this non-certified beginners workshop in central London.

This London workshop is the perfect introduction to the art of the full body massage! Whether you'd like to pick it up as a new hobby, try something new, or simply explore whether this is a career path you'd like to consider taking - this non-certified class is ideal for everyone, and is even more fun when shared with a friend or loved one.

On this beginners course, you will begin to discover how to deal with different problem areas of the body, and of course how to target them effectively and perform a luxurious body massage. Led by a fully trained instructor, you'll pick up the various techniques in no time! This 2 hour workshop is perfect for beginners, as you'll be led through each step with care and attention. As well as covering techniques for using oils effectively, you will also learn how to massage parts of the face and neck. Your skills will be put to practical use on the other members of your group...and if you are brave enough to volunteer, you may even receive a massage or two, yourself! Massage has various benefits for the recipient - both psychological and physical - so you'll get to help others with your new skills!

This course makes the perfect experience gift for anyone who is looking to take up a new skill or learn a new trade, and is fantastic to share with friends and/or family!

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This full body massage workshop in central London is available on selected dates, usually once per month (subject to availability).

Current Scheduled Dates:

16th February 2020

1st March 2020

Dates are subject to availability at the time of booking. For specific availability, please contact our customer service team.


This experience is suitable for participants aged 18 and over.

This is a non-certified taster massage lesson.

If you have any relevant medical conditions, please notify the tutor upon booking.


Experience Duration: 02:00

Time Spent at Venue: 02:00

This is a 2 hour Full Body Massage Workshop.

Please ensure you arrive promptly to avoid delaying the start time.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Full Body Massage Workshop - London is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size:

Spectators Allowed on Site: No

This hands-on massage taster experience is perfect for couples and group bookings and is always more fun when enjoyed with friends.

Unfortunately, the experience is not suitable for spectators.

Where is it Located
What to wear

Please simply dress comfortably - you will need to be able to roll your sleeves up.

Rings may need to be removed during practical learning.

All equipment required for the experience will be provided for you upon arrival.


This is an indoor workshop, so will not be affected by adverse weather conditions.

Average rating: 4 stars out of 5


The course was great, very practical and not as awkward as a group of people rubbing each other should be. Felt a little rushed on the final back tutorial though.

- London
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£ 29