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Our flying experiences offer you the chance to make flying dreams come true. We offer a range of flying experiences, from elegant hot air balloon flights to the most extreme aerobatic adventures - sky high fun to suit everyone! For real adrenaline junkies we have tandem skydives, paragliding lessons, hang gliding, and even 'Top Gun' style aerobatic flying experiences.

If they prefer to sit back and relax, a helicopter flight tour or a wonderful gliding experience may be right up their street. Send them to Cloud 9 with the most unusual and unforgettable gift possible - the gift of flight!

Showing 3 experiences

Showing 3 experiences


Weekday Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2 People

(3 reviews)
  • Multiple

Start your day off in the most perfect way imaginable ... with a wonderfully romantic sunrise hot ai...

  • Price for 2 Participants
£255 Learn More >

Hot Air Balloon Flight Experience for 2

(3 reviews)
  • Multiple

Experience pure peace and tranquility as you drift at heights of up to 3,000 feet! Enjoy stunning ae...

  • Price for 2 Participants
£299 Learn More >

Private Hot Air Balloon Ride for 2

(0 reviews)
  • Multiple

Head for Cloud 9 with a loved one, an enjoy a magical beginning to your day! During this exhilaratin...

  • Price for 2 Participants
£699 Learn More >

Questions & Answers

Yes of course, all our experiences are sold as gift vouchers valid for 12 months, so the recipient can choose a date at their convenience.

No, participants do not require a drivers' licence to book flying lessons.

Completely up to you! They're very different experiences, but both will teach you flying techniques, controls, and safety procedures. The views are breath-taking whatever you choose.

To find experiences in a specific location, click the Map icon at the top of the page to view all packages across the UK. Remember, the location will show where the helicopter takes off from, so the flight path may take you somewhere else.

Generally not, however there will be minimum height restrictions as booster seats are not allowed. Please remember children must have their own seat and cannot sit on the lap of an adult.

Of course! We'd advise booking a private experience for such a special moment, and to inform the flight company upon booking what your intentions are.

Very! Instructors are in the wind tunnel with you at all times, and teach you hand signals prior to the experience to ensure you know how to indicate how you're feeling.

Some of the most popular locations for helicopter lessons are in Kent, Manchester and Glamorgan, but there are options all over the country to choose from. By using the search filters or the category map, you can find the perfect helicopter experience for you!

There are currently four locations for indoor skydiving, in Manchester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and Basingstoke.

All our microlight providers are qualified and highly experienced flight schools! The most popular locations for microlight flying lessons are Kent, East Yorkshire, and Swindon, but there are centres all over the country.