A driving day spent at the wheels of a 1950’s Dennis V8 fire engine is a must for all classic car fans – this engine is a classic car with a twist! For all the old dreams of becoming a firefighter, this experience can make the childhood memories become reality.

Evie and I were lucky enough to be invited to take control of the wheels our self. We arrivied at the airfield, in Bicester near Oxford and saw the selection of vehicles on site, from fire engines, to army trucks and single seater race cars. We headed over to the driver sign up,  our eyes glued on the single seater cars whizzing around the track (they truly are speedy!) The driver sign up was a covered area, with a converted double decker bus selling hot drinks, rolls and burgers – great for a much needed energy boost after  your tiring laps.  As the typical British weather wasn’t on our side, we grabbed a cup of tea and waited our turn.

We were greeted by Simon, the owner of the driving day, and you could tell he loved what he does. He led us over to the fire engine and it was Evie who climbed aboard first. After a quick briefing of how the engine works, it was time to give it a go! With Simon seated next to her, he provided lots of  hints and tips to steer the beastly engine effectively. You truly do feel like real firefighter on the way to the next call as the sirens are played and the lights turned on. Just minus the gear!  Watching from the sidelines, Evie seemed at ease as she reversed the engine out the space, headed down the course and parked it up again. The experience includes trying to manoeuvre the fire engine around cones, without knocking them over of course. Once finished, Evie mentioned how much easier she found it than she imagined – it would be great for all drivers to try! Or if you haven’t got your licence,you can still take part and experience a Classic Fire Engine Passenger Drive. 

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After our time spent driving the fire engine, it was time to witness the speed and nimbleness of the single seater race cars. All drivers are given a safety briefing before getting geared up. Then it’s a case of putting on your helmet and overalls and take to the track (whilst looking like a true professional) As the drivers lapped around the course, you could see the exhilaration in their faces whilst they took the twists and turns at high speeds. At the site, there is also the option to take part in a Single Seater passenger drive – this is perfect for kids or those without a driving licence. The single seater passenger drive zipped around the course at full speeds whilst the professional driver mastered each corner. There is a great view of the track for spectators as they watch their friends and family in suspense.

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Evie and I had a great day out, we would definitely recommend this driving experience to every motor maniac that has wanted to try driving something a little bit different.

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