• DEC 12, 2013
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

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If you’ve ever wanted to drive a Formula 1 race car, then the Race Hut have just the experience! Sort of. For a fraction of the cost of driving a Formula 1 car, you can drive a simulator which replicates the experience to the very last detail, the speed, the power, the steering – it’s all there! Here I’ve been talking to David about his life-like driving experiences and some in-depth information about the Race Hut as a company.

1. Please explain a bit about the experiences you offer.
The Race Hut is a purpose built race car simulation venue, where up to 16 drivers can compete, wheel to wheel – its very realistic and great fun. All of our experiences start with a drivers briefing before the qualifying session and then it’s straight into the racing. Drivers can race in a wide range of race cars from saloons to F1 around the greatest tracks from around the world. There are three race formats, the most popular being The Race Hut Championship where all drivers take part in a practice session, three heats and a grand final. It gets very competitive. We have a licensed bar and food options and work hard to make sure everyone has a great time.

2. What’s your favourite part of the job?
Favourite part of the job… has to be putting on a great event! Sounds corny I know, but its true!. After all the hard work of creating such a nice venue, testing cars and circuits and trying our best to put on great race events – when a group leaves, shaking your hand and thanking you, only then do you know you are doing things right and it really is the best reward.

3. What’s your most frequently asked question?
Most frequent has to be “ Which one of you is quickest, as you must be driving these all of the time!”. The reality is we really don’t get time to race ourselves as we are running the events. As to who is quickest (a) wouldn’t boast (b) wouldn’t admit to being slower! (You decide)

The other questions asked is how realistic is it and does it feel like you are racing? Simple answer is that we train amateur and professional drivers in techniques and to help learn track layouts. Racing wise – absolutely yes. You only have to watch a race in the venue to see that and I have to admit when it starts getting competitive – the language can get a little sweet!!

4. What differentiates your company from others?
A really good question. Many people believe our competition is from indoor karting venues and similar operations. The reality is that where ever else our customers can go to have a great time, be a group of mates or a corporate event, then that is our competition. Therefore having the best equipment, the best venue, best presentation is a given. Where we can make a big difference is how we look after our customers and trying our very best to make sure that everyone has a great time with us, whatever their driving ability. After all that is what our customers want.

5. What’s your best memory from working in the industry?
I have worked in motor sport for many years and raced in some rather exotic GT cars. I therefore know many drivers from the not so famous to house hold names. We have had a few ‘closed door’ events with ‘that lot’ taking part and seeing them all competing (and coming up with the same old excuses) and saying how realistic and fun the event was – well that sums it all up really.


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