• JAN 23, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Maddie Osborne


Ever wondered what can only be described as a cross between a Jet Ski and a Military Tank, would look like? Well, let me introduce you to the Shredder. This 4 stroke 196cc engine can reach up to speeds of 45mph…over any terrain! The Shredder will test your stamina and balance as you use your body weight to steer the machine. As the latest craze to take the industry by storm, we thought you’d want to know a bit more about the Shredder – who better to explain this to you than Jon, owner of Shredder Experiences:

Q: Shredders are something new to us here in the UK, how did you discover them?

A: The original product came out in Canada 3 years ago and we travelled to meet the inventor with a view to bringing them to the UK. The prototype was in our view unsafe and needed refinement. Last year the final version was released and we made enquiries to offer the product to the UK market. The product is safe and exiting and now available to the general public at 8 venues throughout the UK.


Q: How do these compare to other off-road experiences; what can customers expect?
It doesn’t compare to anything to be honest, it is totally unique. After a few minutes of training the machine can be mastered and enjoyed. The ability to ride on multiple terrains should prove the product is popular with the UK market.

A:  Shredders are certainly unique; who are these experiences suitable for?
Any person over 16 with average fitness will be allowed to operate a shredder with training given as standard before operation. All customers can expect full protection gear, helmet and one on one communication throughout the experience. They never disappoint!


Q: Any future plans for the Shredders? Stunts, events, new experiences?
A: A shredder race series might be on the cards in the future but for now it’s about getting the product offering over to the general public so all can enjoy the experience.

Thanks Jon for taking part! If we’ve tempted you to have a go, you can view our Shredder experiences here.


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