• NOV 22, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Wilkinson

Set in the beautiful countryside of Bryn Meurig, Wales, you’ll find a number of unique tree houses. This is a fantastic experience as you get to stay overnight in one of the luxury tree houses, while spending the days exploring the breathtaking countryside and local area. We interviewed Mark from the Living Room, to find out really what makes his tree houses different to any others, which celebrity visitors he has had, any future plans for the business and much more!

Q1: Could you tell us about the history behind how Living Room began?

A: Living-room was created 6 years ago, after a pub chat! My background is in marketing events and experiences, and my business partner Peter has a background in product design and project management. We wanted to create an experience that enabled couples and families to live deep in the heart of nature, far from the outside world, in accommodation that sat lightly and beautifully in the environment.

 Q2: What makes your treehouses different to any other?

A: We design and build the treehouses ourselves. They are real treehouses in that they are completely supported by the trees. We wanted them to be real homes in the canopy, with showers, kitchens, gorgeous beds and bathrooms. A lot of the technology we’ve used has been created specifically for this project – and (hopefully) they look gorgeous too!

Q3: Why did you decide to locate yourself in Bryn Meurig, Wales?

A: This is where we live – and luckily, this is one of the most remote and beautiful areas of Wales. We are a 280 acre sheep farm, with really magical woods, streams, rivers and waterfalls – perfect for a complete break from the modern world.

Q4: Have you ever had anyone famous stay at one of the treehouses?

A: Yes, lots! But we’re discreet! The treehouses have been seen of television all over the world, and have appeared in a huge range of magazines and books – from Lonely Planet to Vogue Paris!

Q5: You describe the treehouse as like being in the luxury of a hotel room combined with the fresh feel of camping, how do you make this happen?

A: A lot of hard work! The treehouses are extremely cosy – with woodburners, hot showers, luxurious beds – and are very romantic. However, as soon as you open the door, you are standing high in the tree canopy, with huge mountain views, surrounded by wild-life and raw natural beauty.

Q6: Do you have any future plans for the business?

A: Yes, we are thinking of building another project in a wood a couple of miles away … possibly next year (to open in 2019).

Q7: Finally, how would you describe the treehouse experience in three words?

A: Peaceful, memorable, magical.

Thank you very much to Mark from the Living Room, for answering our questions. After hearing more about the unique overnight experiences, we can see why they’re some of our top-selling packages!


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