• OCT 15, 2013
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

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Expert Interview with Hampshire Polo School

Polo is an exciting sport that many people think is inaccessible because of the need to be able to ride a horse, but with the Hampshire Polo School, complete beginners to horse-riding are welcome! This means there are no excuses to not have a go, and discover a passion for a new sport. I’ve been talking to Sean about the history of the School and what experiences they offer.

1) Please explain your journey as ‘Hampshire Polo School’ so far.

I’ve been riding since I was 9 and playing polo for 16 years. After learning from my parents who were very good horseman/woman, I set up Hampshire Polo School in October 2010 and after acquiring my instructors qualification I taught polo for a couple of years prior to setting up the business.

The pride I get from my students achieving, especially in tournaments when they win and get awards for their playing is the best part of the industry.

What keeps me challenged on a daily basis is teaching people in different ways to get the most out of them and make them improve quickly, especially when they find it hard.

2) What has been the biggest or most memorable event you’ve provided?

I haven’t provided many huge events other than some tournaments at the club or tournaments between universities and schools which are very competitive. I have been reserve for the Dubai team in the British open tournaments namely the Queens and Gold Cups. In which the best player in the world is a member of the team.

3) Is there any inside information you can give us?

Don’t push anyone too far and you need to find ways how to get good results from these different ways, and keep it fun! Group lessons are definitely more fun when playing a game at the end of the lesson, between 4 and 6 people. It’s an addictive sport!

4) Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?

I am building a lovely barn on my newly bought land to develop my own project for the Hampshire Polo School.

The range of experiences don’t need to evolve as people learn new things and improve in every lesson they attend. The only thing that may evolve other than the price from my perspective is the number and quality of horses and clients that attend the Hampshire polo school.

5) What would you say is your most frequently asked question?

How do I hold the reins? (As unlike normal riding, in polo you hold with one hand, your left).

How do I hold the mallet?


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