• AUG 8, 2013
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

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This week I’ve been chatting to Brett from Extreme Ventures, a family-run organisation specialising in rock-climbing and abseiling. With activities based in various locations, these experiences are perfect for family days out.

1. Please explain your journey as Extreme Ventures so far.

In the industry itself, I started as a volunteer for a charity for a year and got my basic qualifications. Following that, I went on to become a rope access technician, accessing buildings using ropes and technical climbing skills. I did that for about a year and a half – two years and then came back to the outdoor pursuits industry in 2009, progressing my own awards through freelancing as an instructor. Throughout the last eighteen months I’ve been formulating this company, got my first customer in November and everything is officially up and running for this Spring, and that’s where I am now, really, been out promoting the company, getting as much of a profile and customers as I can, get some money in the bank so I can start working on the future of this company.

Extreme Ventures 62. What has been the biggest or most memorable event you’ve provided?

Obviously being a new company there hasn’t been a lot of that. But in the industry I’ve come across famous people’s kids and stuff like that, they’ve come on courses. As a freelance instructor I saw a lot, I met Davina McCall at a birthday climbing party, but nothing so far for Extreme Ventures.

3. Is there any inside information you can give us?

We are the most competitive company in the area, in the South East, with regards to outdoor climbing. All our prices have been specially outlaid so they’re affordable for families as well as large groups, so to provide the best deal. To summarise, someone once said to me that they spent £100 taking their children and friends to the cinema for the afternoon, so I thought what I want to do is get my 2-3 hour packages somewhere around that mark, because you know, if they’re spending that much money on the cinema why wouldn’t they spend that money to go rock climbing? I’m quite unique in what I provide; most of the companies in the area are quite limited in what they offer with regards to climbing and abseiling, whereas I’ve got multi-activities and other elements like the marquees I have are available for hire, and there’ll be new things coming in the future. Next year I’ll be running Peak District trips with catering and stuff, so as the company evolves it will become far more unique, not just within the county but within the country. I tried to get packages together for 4-6 people, which is average family sized, at really affordable prices, you can go abseiling for one hour for £75 for five or six people, it’s an adventure and it’s not a huge amount of money to take your family out for an afternoon. Then you move into group packages as well, big discounts available there!

4. Any exciting plans for the future?Extreme Ventures 2

Yes, of course there’s the Peak District catering we’re moving in to, so we’ll be providing the catering for birthday parties, personalised cakes as well. I’ve got one other thing under my hat but it’s a bit secret, so you’ll just have to wait for that one!

5. What is your most frequently asked question?

Generally people want to know what days the courses run on, but I also quite frequently get asked about myself as an instructor. People want to know how I got in to this industry, how did I start climbing? Why do I like it? They’re probably the most common questions, even from children. I also get ‘Is this your real job?’ quite often!

Bouldering and Climbing Experience Day

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Half Day Rock Climbing Experience

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