We’ve been catching up with ACF’s Managing Director, Mark Fanning, who’s given us a little more insight on his company. Keep reading to find out more!

Q. How was ACF Teambuilding & Events founded/how was the idea formed?

A. Originally called ACF Hospitality its first event was a Clay Pigeon Shooting party in 1988. The company grew rapidly and more kit was bought on an annual basis including a vast array of Military Machines. In turn repeat business was never a problem as there was always new things to try in the driving and shooting proposition. In 2012 the name changed to ACF Teambuilding Events and Mark Fanning (previously the Marketing and Sales Director) took over reigns as Managing Director.
Q. What is the best thing about creating team building days?
A. Delivering events when guests walk away at the end of the day with big wide grins on their faces. There are not many types of business in which your clients are very transparently happy and it is contagious and leaves everyone in the delivery team with a great deal of job satisfaction.

Q. What would you say is the best activity you offer?
A. We always try to pick the right activity for the client and so it is very difficult to say what the best is. If I had to pick one, however, I would choose a ride in the Armoured Personnel Carrier. There are very few companies that now offer this and it is one that most of clients talk about and remember us for.

Q. Do you have any funny stories about an activity day to share?
A. We once had a group of Germans that came over to drive the Military Vehicles. Once finished they asked for their photograph to be taken whilst sitting on one of the vehicles. Just before the instructor took the picture they unfurled a German flag with a message that read “Got here in the end Grandad”!

Q. What’s the biggest event you’ve ever run?
A. As well as providing driving and shooting activities, ACF provides and event manages many Family Fun Days, the largest to date is 2,500 which was for a large well known IT company.

Q. What do you enjoy most about running ACF Teambuilding & Events?
A. Whilst there are activities that have more or less stayed the same such as Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Bikes etc. there are always new things coming to the market place. There is always a fine line of what to buy, hire and what is the next big thing! I have found that as the list continues to grow year on year it is more important to have a creative edge combining some tried and tested activities with new ideas or with new twists.

Q. Do you have anything you would like to add/share etc.?
A. ACF have a massive collection of machines, props, team building challenges and event equipment. With such a large amount of equipment, the opportunity to create a bespoke event around a client is what we do. For fantastic memorable experiences however it doesn’t matter how much equipment you have, as it really comes down to the facilitators and instructors that run them, and that is the biggest asset ACF Teambuilding and Events have.

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We would like to say a massive thank you to Mark for taking the time to answer some of our questions, it’s great to know more about ACF Teambuilding & Events!


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