• JUL 25, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Wilkinson

Looking to create some lasting memories with your family, friends, or even pets? The Factory Covent Garden draws on the creative talents of its expert team, to produce original, eye catching images that will exceed all expectations! We spoke to Philip, and asked him a few questions about this gem of a studio…

Q: Please tell me how you came to start The Factory Covent Garden?

A: I started the factory 7 years ago as a direct result of working at other studios and being disappointed with the way clients and staff were treated and the style and quality of the images. My business partner and I were looking for a studio when we found the fantastic space in Covent Garden that we now call home. I wanted to create an environment where clients felt relaxed and would enjoy the experience, not trying to over pose or rush them. A happy relaxed client means better photographs. We hear time and time again things like “I normally hate having my photo taken but this was easy” or ” I can’t believe how well these have turned out, I never look good in photos”. This makes it all worth while.

Q: How have you adapted your experiences compared to other photoshoot experiences available in the market?

A: The main differences between us and other studios is our approach to clients and the quality of the final product. We will never make a client pose in a way that makes them feel awkward or uncomfortable. We listen to their needs and work with them. We believe every client is different and therefore every shoot different. Some families may want a fun mess around style shoot whilst others are looking for more formal images. We try to encourage families to do a bit of both, bring your best evening wear but also bring your PJ’s. We had one family recently come as super hero’s! Another big difference is in the staff we employ. They are all freelancers and work for some really big companies. Our make up artists work in film, T.V and Fashion as do our Photographers. We don’t hire anyone who only works in Studios as we believe the diversity of a staff members portfolio adds so much to their work with us. It also means we have absolute faith in the quality of the work we are producing.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to do for a photoshoot or any funny anecdotes you can share with us?

A: We’ve had some really interesting shoots here at The Factory with some crossing over into the world of weird! I probably shouldn’t mention any names but taking portraits of tortoises was quite odd, that or close ups of a clients feet!

Q: Any future plans for The Factory Covent Garden?

A: We would love to expand into a second venue but are really happy being here in the heart of the West End. We hope to offer Make Up and Hair styling courses here as clients are always blown away with the results and want to re-create it at home!

Q: Can you show us your favourite picture you’ve ever taken?

A: We’ve taken 100000’s of pics so to pick one is tricky, but if I have to it would be of one of our four legged clients! We always encourage people to bring their pets in as we love animals here and you can guarantee some great results.This little one is Goucho. He was a feisty little fellow and his picture is now hung pride of place in our studio.

Thank you Philip for answering our questions – we look forward to seeing where The Factory goes from here!


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