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        The Perfume Studio have been listed on our website for many years and have a range of perfume making experiences  around the UK. This experience gives you the opportunity to create your very own signature scent! You will be provided with a relaxed environment, where you are presented with Prosecco on arrival. You can even purchase a voucher that offers afternoon tea before as well as the perfume making. We caught up with The Perfume Studio to find out a little bit more about what they do, and how their business started!

        Please explain a little bit about the background of the perfume studio, where did the concept stem from? 

      When working within a fragrance house, supplying brands and retailers with fragrance for their products which ranged from fragrance candles and personal care products to high end fine fragrance) we invited customers to visit our factory. We found that they loved to learn about fragrances and how they are designed, so felt there must be an opportunity to open this world to the average consumer in a kind of democratisation of perfume development. There were and are perfumers offering a bespoke design service, but way out of the budget of most mortals (as much as £50k) so we designed a process accessible for all. 

        What inspired you to get into the perfume business?

      Like with most things, it was chance, but I knew immediately that I loved fragrance and could not imagine doing anything else.  There are so many facets and fascinating stories.  One never stops learning.  Fragrance (smell) is such an integral part of the human animal that it will also be important!



              What are your objectives for this business?

        Simply to allow everybody to design their own signature scent (or several signature scents.)  Everyone should have that opportunity, and we try and make it as affordable as possible whilst using the finest globally-sourced raw materials, blended by our team of master perfumers!

What makes this experience unique?

We are affordable, but use the same fine materials that any of the top-level perfume houses access.  Most importantly, any fragrance designed with us is recorded and can be re-ordered at any point in the future!

If you could advise the customer on one technique to create the perfect scent for their perfume, what would it be?

There is not a perfect scent.  Everyone is unique, and every smell experience is subjective.  I would say just be instinctive with your selection.  You will select your perfect combination!

What are your most frequently asked questions from customers?

The most frequently asked questions is “How many blends can I use?” to which the answer is: As few or as many as you like – there are no rules!  We do try to steer people away from using too many, as each of our blends is a combination of up to 50 fine materials (from extracts to essential oils) so one does not want to complicate the fragrance unnecessarily.  There is a trend right now of less is more!  

Thank you Ben for inviting Charlotte and I to your Perfume making with afternoon tea. It was an amazing experience creating our own scent that we could take home with us.


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