If you're after an adrenaline rush, why not have a look at our range of kite sports by The Kitesurf Centre? Soar up and down the sandy beaches of Camber Sands using the wind as your engine. Learn more about these exciting experiences and the company that made them possible below! 

1.   How did The Kitesurf company begin?

My brother Thomas and I previously instructed for various schools around the UK and abroad before finally deciding to go at it alone and form The Kitesurf Centre in 2007. We gained a lot of experience from various other centres and schools but thought we could combine all the good points we’d learnt and create something unique. The school started small for the first few years and then our younger brother joined us as it expanded. 

2. What made you decide that Camber Sands was the right location for your business?

We’ve always lived nearby and loved Camber Sands. It was more a coincidence that it turns out our local beach is the best place for kite sports in the South East and has conditions to rival anywhere in the world! We’re just really lucky that we grew up around here. Camber & Greatstone beaches, on the Dungeness peninsular receive the most consistent wind of anywhere in England & Wales and are the only sandy beaches for about 50 miles in any direction. Like I said, we’re just really lucky! 

3. What makes The Kitesurf Centre unique?

The Kitesurf Centre is the only place in England that benefits from two beaches facing completely opposite directions within 10 minutes of each other. Camber beach, where the centre is, faces South West, and Greatstone on the other side of the peninsular faces North East. The advantage of this is we always have wind coming from the sea, we just move location if necessary. The 'onshore' wind is very reliable and not gusty so is ideal for learning. Wind is obviously the most important part of any wind related sport, so this is vital for our business. The area is so popular some people will travel as far as 3 or 4 hours to use the beaches. 

4. What would your experts say are the top 3 Tips for beginners who are worried about Kite related experience? 

- Our first tip would be to take lessons. With the correct instruction all kite sports are safe and enjoyable. 

- Secondly, always know your limits, especially when learning and take advice from more experienced participants.

- Thirdly, kite sports look and appear a lot more dangerous than they actually are. Although they fall under the extreme sports bracket, with the modern technology and safety systems built into the equipment, it’s a sport anyone can do. 

5. What do you like the most about working at the Kitesurf Centre? 

Being able to wear flip flops and a hoodie to work every day. 

6. What is the funniest moment that has occurred during a session? 

When I was teaching a kite buggy lesson, my student was doing very well and riding with good control, up and down the beach. He got a little over confident and went too far, too fast and disappeared into the sea at full speed. 

7. For someone who hasn’t participated before, talk us through a typical Kite Buggy class.

Our lessons will always begin with a short introduction, which covers some safety and theory with regards to how a kite flies and how we control it. This typically lasts around 10 – 15 minutes before heading to the beach, to grasp how to fly the trainer kites. We go through exercises on the smaller trainer kites for around an hour, learning how to create power, directional pull, advanced control techniques and how to stop. Once the participants have mastered this, it’s onto the buggies! A quick introduction on how to steer, where we’re aiming to go, and how to stop, and then it’s time to combine the kite skills with riding a buggy. The first part takes skill and attention as there is a lot going on, but once the concept has been grasped, it’s all go! 

Thank you to the Kitesurf Centre for finding the time to complete our partner interview! It's wonderful to hear you have some great advice for nervous participants and from what it seems the perfect location!  We can't wait to visit you guys down at Camber Sands and take part in your experiences! 


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