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Are you looking to brush up on your dancing skills? If so, this is the perfect experience for you. This private dance experience is available at various locations in London, and is suitable for everybody from beginners to pros! We interviewed Ellie from Arthur Murray Dance Academy to find out a little bit more about the dance academy.

Can you tell us more about the Arthur Murray Dance Academy and how it began?

Arthur Murray Dance Studios were set up in 1912 in New York by Arthur Murray and his wife Kathryn. Since this time of inception, Arthur Murray had a mission to teach the world to dance and remove its elitist connotations. He created a national radio programme in America in the 1940’s where he taught dance across the radio waves, and then went on to host a national television show called “The Arthur Murray Dance Party”. In the 1950’s, the Arthur Murray Dance Studios became a franchise, and developed studios across the entire world. The Arthur Murray Dance Studios franchise now boasts a worldwide reach of 300 studios. Over the years, the studios across the globe have collectively taught over 45 million students to dance and have sponsored some of the most well-known motion pictures about dancing, such as: Strictly Ballroom, Shall We Dance and Dirty Dancing. Among the millions of students taught over the last 100 years, there are many famous names who have experienced the teachings of Arthur Murray as well; The Roosevelts, The Clintons, Al Pacino in preparation for the film Scent of a Woman, and various other actors for movie preparation in Ballroom dance. These include: Clint Eastwood, John Travolta, Patrick Swayze, Richard Gere, Madonna and Michael Douglas. 

Presently, in its 107th year, The Arthur Murray Dance Studios can be found in over 300 locations across the globe, from right here in London all the way to Australia, providing a global dance network for all members, where dancing has long been considered the fun loving alternative to more traditional exercise as a method of contributing to a healthy emotional and physical body. 

Who can participate in your dance classes?

Any person who wishes to learn to dance! There are no barriers.

Do you find that both beginners and those with a dance background participate in your classes?

You could be a complete novice or a seasoned ballroom dance student; our teachers design choreography and styling in dances and styles that are unique to any student’s experience and/or ability. 

What can one expect from a private dance class?

Our expert teachers introduce Ballroom and Latin dance in a fun and enjoyable way for any student, no matter their experience. For absolute beginners, the four main dances in Ballroom and Latin are introduced: Waltz, Rumba, Tango and Merengue. For people with dance experience who have a preference for their lesson, they can select one or two favourite dances to focus on in their private lesson in Ballroom and or Latin. 

The group classes that people are also invited to attend are fun and high energy, and provide a wonderful opportunity for meeting new people and meeting new friends with shared interests.  Students come away from the experience with an improved sense of positivity, improved mental-health because of the boost of happy hormones they will have experienced while dancing, and if they continue with Arthur Murray after their lesson, physical improvements for health via exercise.

What is your personal favourite style of dance to teach? What do you find to be most popular?

My personal favourite dance is Waltz. As a modern woman it is a chance for me to step out of my over articulated, busy, stressful life and during my lesson it makes me feel elegant and graceful.

What advice would you give to somebody nervous to come and participate in a dance class?

Just do it! The methods used to teach dance with these Arthur Murray classes make the lessons fun and engaging, which is always a surprise to people. When you are having a good time, you learn more easily and retain more information, therefore there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment too. 


Can you let us know more about the benefits of dancing?

Dancing has a main element of social activity. Social, Ballroom and Latin Dancing is a lifetime investment of fun, poise, confidence, improved personality and new friends. Beyond these, dancing is a superb physical conditioner.


- Increased self-confidence.

- Social ease.

- Exercise.

- Make a special person happy.

- Business reasons.

- Acquiring more grace and poise.

- Overcoming shyness.

- Stress relief.

- Stand out on the dance floor.

- Making new friends.

- Recreation or entertainment.

- Relaxation.

- Never again saying no to a dance invitation.

- Dance contributes to a good posture and body alignment.

- Dance encourages gentle stretching.

- Dance increases your flexibility and stamina.

- Dance benefits your cardiovascular system as your swing and sway for hips and shoulder.

- Dancing is a romantic alternative.

- Weight loss.

- Good dancing is a lifetime investment in posture, poise, confidence and fun.

- Better health and physical benefits.

Thank you very much Ellie for taking the time to answer a few of our questions. 


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