• DEC 4, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Wilkinson

On Saturday 25th November, the Experience Days team had signed up to complete the UK’s only inflatable 5K Santa run. On arrival at Brighton Racecourse, we headed towards the entrance and were directed to the collection point to receive our Santa suits. Included in this pack were a pair of bright red trousers, a coat, a hat, and a beard for us to wear throughout the run.

Once everyone was all dressed up as Santa, we waited for our group to be called outside to the warm up zone. The warm up was brilliant as a team from PureGym (who sponsored the event) were up on stage encouraging everyone to do a number of stretches to some very motivational music. This must have been very amusing to watch for anyone driving past – hundreds of Santa’s jumping around!

Once we finished the warm up, we eagerly headed towards the starting line, ready to face the ultimate inflatable challenge. A member of staff quickly counted us down – and then we were off!  We all sprinted towards the first obstacle. Here, we climbed the ‘Mountain’, slid down the other side and continued running uphill towards the next obstacle.

It was lovely to run alongside the breathtaking views of the South Downs in the beautiful sunshine. Throughout the run, we were faced with ten different obstacles to climb, crawl and jump over. At the half way point, we were delighted to find a refreshment stand giving out drinks and energy bars to help us keep going for the last 2K.

As we made our way to the final obstacle, we really didn’t know what to expect! You had to climb to the top of the ‘Leap of Faith’ and then jump off! Although I’m usually good with heights, I was surprised at the very top, where it felt significantly higher than I expected looking over the edge. However, the jump was brilliant fun and you got a real buzz at the end of the course. As we reached the finish line, it was great that everyone received a medal for completing the run and a few other goodies to take home.

Overall, as a team who love to try new experiences and really challenge ourselves together, we had a really enjoyable time at the UK’s only inflatable 5K Santa Run! This is definitely another challenge that we will be doing each year in the lead up to Christmas and would highly recommend you all try.


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