• NOV 17, 2016
  • WRITTEN BY: Maddie Osborne

Bungee Jump World Record Holders

That’s right you heard it here, we have just broken a Guinness World Record! With some help from our good friends at UK Bungee Club and Simon Berry – chief bungee jumper for the day, we have broken the record for (dun, dun dun….) The Highest Bungee Dunk.

It was a courageous effort from Simon, who had to jump 10 times in order to nail the perfect dunk of the biscuit into a mug of tea whilst still leaving it standing. So, a massive thank you to Simon and UK Bungee for their efforts and to the Guinness World Record Officials for coming to witness the jump. Here’s a bit more about what each of us did to help:


Maddie: The World Record took a lot of planning but it was definitely worth it to break it! One of the jobs I helped with was trying to find a mug online that was the right dimensions set by Guinness. It’s not easy to find mugs which are exactly 15cm x 15cm without other branding on them. I  also helped with some biscuit social media research in order to find the nations favourite biscuit – with McVities being the clear winner of course! No biscuit would be complete without its accompanying cup of tea, with Yorkshire Tea being our firm favourite to use. We made sure we did a mock ‘dunking’ so we could test the best Go-Pro setting to capture the moment. I’m sure not many other placement students can say they helped break a world record on their year out of University.


Evie: Being the office designated driver, my job on the World Record weekend was pretty simple. We packed up the car, made it to Windsor in one piece, and even had enough time to check out the Segway Rally going on nearby! Since many hands make light work, I took it upon myself to set up a few of the GoPro cameras to create the perfect make-shift Hawk Eye system, which is no easy task given the complexity of GoPro attachments. Once the record attempts began our role got significantly easier – just sit back, clap, and cheer Simon to victory!


Leoni: The lead up to the event was super exciting. With lots to do and specifications to stick to, I was given the job of hunting down the perfect mug to fit in with the specific dimensions Guinness set for the dunk. With the help of a local pottery studio, we managed to find THE mug which led us to Guinness victory! It was great getting involved in the planning and setting up on the day, especially as we were in such a great location for it. Once of the best parts was being able to watch live footage from the Go Pro on Simon’s head through the iPad, as we could see exactly what he was seeing. The first couple of jumps were really nerve racking and were very close, when Simon actually managed to break the record everyone jumped up and cheered. Not only was it great that we managed to break it, but I think we all felt relieved for him too, that he didn’t have to jump anymore!

Robb: After we just missed out with last year’s record attempt, there was a lot of pressure to break it this time round. The whole team should be proud of their contribution and achievement. Now to start thinking about what our next record will be!

Keep an eye out for our record on Guinness World Record Day and Simon talking about the jump on TV!


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