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  • MAR 24, 2020
  • WRITTEN BY: Ayla Reeve

We all know that kids love Easter – and who can blame them? They get to fill themselves with chocolate to an extent that is usually forbidden, but what is often overlooked is so do adults! Easter is a great time to celebrate for everyone, and why should the kids get to have all the fun? Easter is a fantastic way to spend time with your family, celebrate spring, eat a lot of food and give some unique seasonal gifts. Although we might be having our egg hunts inside this Easter, that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to indulging in a few treats for the future. It’s important to keep positive and take care of the people we love as much as we can.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Easter? The resurrection of Christ? The start of spring? Little chicks hatching? I know mine’s chocolate! The interesting thing is our Easter egg traditions include all of the above. Giving eggs around this time is a tradition that pre-dates the resurrection of Christ and instead celebrates the start of spring and the beginning of new life. So why do we give chocolate at Easter? One of the main reasons would be to celebrate the end of lent. Anyone partaking in lent won’t have been able to eat chocolate for the past 40 days, so Easter is also a celebration of the end of fasting. These originally Christian traditions have now become a nationwide holiday, and you do not need to have taken part in lent to feast on mountains of chocolate!


Yes, there are plenty of Cadbury’s Easter eggs lining the shelves at your local supermarket (possibly the only thing that is), but why not branch out from the easy, standard gift, and get something a little more special?

Creme Egg Fudge (Etsy)

This independent seller is making their own hand-crafted fudge with 34 unique flavours, including Crème Egg. There’s also Daim, After Eight, Chilli Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher to name a few. Send your sweet toothed friend a gift in the post with a difference!


Chocolate Making Workshop - Leeds

We’ve got chocolate making workshops available all over the country, and our gift vouchers are currently valid for 18 months from the date of purchase - meaning that as well as indulging in loads of chocolate on the Easter weekend, your giftee will also have the excuse to get chocolatey in the months to come. There are workshops from Glasgow to Brighton, but this particular workshop hosted in Leeds is one of our best sellers. It begins with a short history lesson on all things chocolate, as well as exactly how you’d go about making your own from scratch, before you and your class mates get stuck in creating delicious chocolate truffles (yum!)


Egg Sandwich (Hotel Chocolate)

A sandwich with a difference, this ‘Caramayo’ chocolate treat is a nice little quirky gift that’s still absolutely delicious to eat! Plus, the recipient gets to tell everyone that they received an egg sandwich in the post as an Easter gift, so surely it’s worth buying it for that reason alone?

Chocolate Tasting Workshop in Sussex

For those who are not interested in cooking and the thought of making their own chocolate really takes the fun out of the delicious treat, this is the perfect experience for them. This one is all about tasting single origin chocolates from around the world. The workshops will even treat you to a cocktail and a goody bag included in the price! We can assure you that any chocolate lover is going to be satisfied with this gift!


It’s also nice to have a few other gifts deviating from the chocolate theme to mix things up a little! If Easter gifts aren’t usually your thing, then these little tokens of festive cheer are a great starting point.

Personalised Easter Treasure Hunt

So, maybe this one is more for the kids - but I have to admit, I love putting on an Easter egg hunt whether there are kids around or not! These cute little cards come with the option to have pre-selected messages or blank cards to write your own. So, if you did want to make an adult version of the game, you can write all the rude jokes you want for your significant other to follow! Well, we’ve got to keep ourselves entertained inside somehow!

Rabbit Themed Flowerpot

This cute rabbit shaped flowerpot is a great little gift that can be sent via post to any of your friends or family. It’s a thoughtful, modest gift to brighten up their room and their day this Easter!

Rabbit Ring Holder

Keeping to the theme of our last small gift, this is definitely the perfect time of year to buy presents for anyone who’s a fan of rabbits! This ring holding rabbit is a lovely little present to decorate anyone’s bedroom and keep their jewellery organised.

Macaron Making Kit

This macaron making kit is a super fun little gift, and a great activity to do over the Easter weekend. Available through Not on the High Street, this can be delivered straight to yours or your giftee’s door. A lovely thing to do with the kids, as well as on your own - not to mention, an impressive Instagram picture!


Who said Easter gifts have to involve chocolate and bunny rabbits? If you’d like to use the holiday as an excuse to treat your loved ones to something truly unique, Experience Days’ range of gift certificates are the perfect way to get a loved one excited for the future. All vouchers are valid for 18 months and delivered by post or email, so you can gift the prospect of an exciting experience to be used later in the year, or this time next. Here are some of our favourite gifts to give this Easter:

Alpaca Trekking in Kent

Alpaca trekking is a great signifier that spring is here! Walking through green fields with happy alpacas at your side could not be a happier thought. There are a few alpaca trekking experiences throughout the country, but this one in Kent is one of the best. You can enjoy a delicious lunch in their café and even purchase the alpaca wool for knitting after your trek! The walk itself is around one and a half hours, plenty of time to get acquainted with your new furry friend while also taking in the beautiful countryside.


Buzz Flight for Two with Bubbly & Chocolates in Newcastle

This fizzy buzz flight in Newcastle is a wonderful all year-round gift, with a definite air of excitement and celebration. Not to mention, there’s still chocolate involved! This five-minute flight is perfect for anyone looking to trial helicopter rides (but not for too long). If they’re apprehensive about getting up in the air, but are keen to try it, then this is the perfect way to do it! They’ll be treated to chocolate and bubbly when they land to congratulate them on their achievement and make the whole experience feel extra special.


Broughton Food Tour

If Easter is about anything, it’s food! This Broughton Food Tour in Edinburgh is an excellent way to get that foodie fix, celebrating at least five independent food vendors from around the Broughton area. Expect traditional Scottish flavours with modern culinary innovation – such as sized haggis bon-bons, fresh scones, seafood and chips like you’ve never had them before and a selection of artisan local cheeses. To finish things off you’ll enjoy a malt whiskey tasting, because it wouldn’t be Scottish if you didn’t!

A great gift for the food lover in your life to look forward to once everyone is ready to start selling their delicious produce again.

You can search through all our food tours available across the country here.


Gin Tasting Masterclass for Two in Staffordshire

Just like we have plenty of chocolate, food, wine and whiskey tastings, there are also a select few gin tasting experiences hosted around the country. Fast becoming one of the nation’s favourite drinks, the unique blend of alcohol, juniper berries and whatever funky flavours gin distillers fancy experimenting with next is slowly gaining an avid following. This gin tasting masterclass in Staffordshire will teach you everything there is to know about gin, exactly when and where it came from, and how to differentiate between flavours and varieties. You’ll sample several different gins and learn exactly which tonic compliments each. This is definitely a unique gift, and I can guarantee anyone will be excited to have gin-drinking to look forward to!  


Afternoon Tea and Squirrel Walk in Horsham

Afternoon tea has to be one of our best-selling experiences here at Experience Days. As Brits, we love to indulge in the extravagant 3 tiered stand, plentiful with luxurious savoury snacks and delightful sweet treats. This afternoon tea at Mannings Heath in Sussex is not only utterly delicious but is also located in a beautiful golf and wine estate. You’re encouraged after the meal to take a walk through the gorgeous surrounding countryside for their famous squirrel walk. If you manage to spot the elusive white squirrel and take a photo, you’ll win a bottle of free bubbly!

With our 18-month validity vouchers, this is the perfect gesture to plan a fun Easter activity for next year when things are a little less hectic.


Thank you for reading!

We hope you found some gift inspiration for unique Easter gifts for 2020. Easter definitely doesn’t have to be all about chocolate, but I don’t think anyone’s going to complain if it is. The most important thing is to show your family and friends you love them with small gestures any way you can. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, we have a wide range of gifts available to browse at your leisure here.

From us all here at Experience Days, we hope you stay safe and enjoy your (slightly less-traditional) Easter. 


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