Dumfries Flyboarding Experience

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Experience the incredible buzz of Flyboarding with this 40 minute water jet pack experience in Dumfries!

  • Dumfries (Dumfries and Galloway)
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£ 89

Dumfries Flyboarding Experience

Experience the incredible buzz of Flyboarding with this 40 minute water jet pack experience in Dumfries!

Enjoy an adrenaline rush like no other, with this fantastic 40 minute Flyboarding experience in Dumfries. The wonderful world of watersports has a new, super-futuristic sport to add to its rich variety of extreme (and not so extreme) pursuits, and this one is about as high-octane as it gets! So whether you're looking for a serious new thrill and challenge to overcome, or a birthday gift for a daredevil friend, you can't go wrong with this incredible experience day.

This is a 40 minute flyboarding experience that gives you a great opportunity to get to grips with the incredible power of the water jet pack. The Flyboard is a truly incredible machine which basically consists of a board with foot bindings, with a connected power hose, 30 foot long. This hose is attached to a jet ski, which powers the flyboard's thrust nozzles, which blast out powerful, high-pressure jets of water that propel the flyboard - and you - up to 30 foot into the air. Your 40 minute Dumfries water jet pack experience begins with a briefing from your flyboarding instructor, which will cover all safety issues and introduce you to the to the flyboard, explaining how it all works, and what you have to do to make it fly. After this it's time to don your protective gear and get ready for the ride of your life! Once in the water, you'll enjoy a 30 minute session, as you get to grips with the incredible flying machine!

A 40 minute flyboard experience will give you a good chance to figure out the flyboard, find your balance and get a feel for the incredible exhilaration of flyboarding. On your first session, you may not get as far as performing twists, turns and dives (the flyboard can propel you underwater too), but you should have found your flyboarding feet, and you'll probably want to sign up for more sessions!

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The 40 minute Flyboarding experience in Dumfries can be booked between April and September, on selected weekend dates. The experience must be booked in advance, and all bookings are subject to availability.


Participants must be over 16 to participate in the Dumfries flyboarding experience. All flyboard pilots must be able to swim and in good health.

Minimum Weight: 7 Stone
Maximum Weight: 16 Stone

Anyone who turns up to the Dumfries flyboarding experience who is considered to be intoxicated (alcohol or any other substances) will not be allowed on-site, and will not be refunded.

Athsma and diabetes sufferers should inform the instructor of their condition and keep any medication close to the lake where Flyboarding takes place. Flyboarding is not suitable for those with a heart condition or pregnant women.


Experience Duration: 00:40

Time Spent at Venue: 02:00

The Jetpack experience should last around 30-40 minutes, however please allow at least for up to 2 hours at the venue.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Dumfries Flyboarding Experience is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: 4

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Friends and family are very welcome to come to the lake and watch as you try to master the futuristic Flyboard!

Where is it Located
What to wear

All Flyboarding gear and equipment will be provided for you at the centre. It is compulsory that you wear all safety gear. Please have a swimming costume to wear, and a towel and warm change of clothes for after the experience.


The Dumfries Flyboarding experience is a weather dependent activity, and may have to be cancelled or postponed if conditions make a Flyboard flight unsafe. Rain is not an issue, as you'll be in the water anyway, however if you are otherwise unsure about the weather, please contact the Dumfries flyboarding provider directly on the day before or day of your experience.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5

Dumfries Fly Boarding Experience

It was great experience and both persons who did the water jets had an amazing time. I only brought them the water jets for birthday presents for both my boyfriend and sister I would buy another experience with again in the near future thank you very much.

- West Sussex
Flyboarding in Dumfries

The experience was out of this world i felt like Iron man. The instructor Mike Dear was very understanding and excellent at what he does. I will be going back there with more of my friends to show off what i learnt the first time. All round good day.

- Dumfries
£ 89