Derbyshire Tandem Paragliding Experience

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This Derbyshire Tandem Paragliding experience lets you soar to eagle heights towed by a winch - enjoy fantastic Paragliding views over the Derbyshire countryside - easily reached from Nottingham!

  • Ashbourne (Derbyshire)
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Derbyshire Tandem Paragliding Experience

This Derbyshire Tandem Paragliding experience lets you soar to eagle heights towed by a winch - enjoy fantastic Paragliding views over the Derbyshire countryside - easily reached from Nottingham!

This Winch Tandem Paragliding experience is your way to get exhilaratingly close to man's long-held dream of flight. With this particular paragliding experience you are towed by a winch, and you will be flying under the expert guidance of a BHPA Tandem Paraglider pilot. You will soar high into the sky in Derbyshire (close to Nottingham) and fly over the woodlands and countryside of Ashbourne.

The actual time of your paragliding flight will likely last somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes!

This paragliding experience is also suitable for people with disabilities, as the centre uses a wheeled 'buggy' for those with mobility problems. Your experience starts with arrival at the Derbyshire location, and a full briefing on safety procedures, the equipment and a profile of your flight. You will then launch the Paraglider via a winch and be released to enjoy a 2-5 minute flight dependent on thermals and weather conditions. During this time your instructor may allow you to take the controls or if you prefer just sit back and enjoy the views.

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This experience is available to be booked year round from Wednesdays to Saturdays, Subject to availability and weather permitting.

Arrival time is at 12:30pm to fly at 1pm.


Minimum Age: 14. Under 18's must have signed consent from parent/guardian.
Maximum Weight: 90KG (14.2 Stone)

For your own safety, you must give details of any medical condition that may affect your ability to Paraglide.

Please contact your GP for advice if you are in any way unsure. This price includes £10 BHPA Membership giving you third party insurance cover for the day.


Experience Duration: 00:05

Time Spent at Venue: 00:45

You should allow up to an hour for the experience.

Your actual paragliding flight may last between approximately 2 to 5 minutes, depending on wind conditions on the day.

If conditions are very good it could possibly be as long as 30 minutes.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Derbyshire Tandem Paragliding Experience is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: 1

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Spectators are welcome, and there is a café at the Derbyshire paragliding location, so spectators can stay refreshed with hot drinks while they watch your paragliding experience!

Where is it Located
What to wear

Older casual clothes are a good idea, something you don't mind getting a little grubby! Dress warmly for the weather on the day of your gliding experience. Please wear a strong pair of boots with ankle support and NO hooks. All equipment is provided at the Derbyshire paragliding centre


Paragliding is very weather dependent - storms, rain and high winds can affect flying, so please contact the Derbyshire paragliding centre prior to your flight experience to check conditions.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5

Great birthday present

This was the best birthday present I have had in years! The flight was amazing both Karen and me really enjoyed ourselves. Both serene and exhilarating at the same time! Fantastic!

Verified Experience Days Participant

Absolutely fantastic experience well worth the wait. Would do it again tomorrow!

Verified Experience Days Participant
Very professional outfit

Wow what an experience!!!! My children booked this Tandem paraglide as a Father's Day present for their Dad. Wow what a flight!!!! I would recommend this experience to anyone, very professional outfit and in fact I will soon be booking my son a Tandem experience.

Verified Experience Days Participant
Flying fun!

Great experience! I love being in the air and paragliding is the most relaxing air sports I've done, the staff were friendly and made me feels safe at all times. The only downside was that there was lots of waiting around, we were told to be there at 12-1230 and I didn't fly til after 2pm luckily it was a lovely sunny day, wish it was closer I'd definitely take up paragliding.

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Tandem Paraglide

What a way to travel! The guys at Darley Moor airfield looked after us from arrival and provided a great experience. Shame it was over so quickly but something I'll never forget. I could have stayed up there for a long time! Great fun :)

Verified Experience Days Participant

Verified Experience Days Participant
£ 55 £69