Cheshire Falconry Experience - Family

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Enjoy a great family day out with a fascinating falconry experience.

  • Knutsford (Cheshire)
  • Gift Voucher valid for 5 Participants
£ 130

Cheshire Falconry Experience - Family

Enjoy a great family day out with a fascinating falconry experience.

This Cheshire falconry experience is for the whole family. Spend a fun and fascinating morning or afternoon learning - in a very hands-on way - just how powerful and impressive these regal raptors really are!

During the Cheshire falconry experience the family will meet several different species of raptor, Kestrels, Owls and Hawks. The falconer will explain the habits of each species and how they are trained (or hoodwinked) to hunt. You will get a chance to don the falconry gloves and handle the beautiful creatures yourselves, and will enjoy a 'hawk walk', where the family will walk through the grounds of the falconry, accompanied by Harris Hawks!

This is a unique experience for the family as you will be able to all be involved in holding and flying several different birds of prey. You will be shown how to hold each of the birds with ease, fly them so them come back to your fist and at the very end of your fabulous day, you will get the chance to go on a hawk walk - this is where` you will explore the grounds with the hawks, with each family member (if they fell comfortable) is given a hawk to carry out or bring back. The hawks will fly in a group and follow you all through the fields. Once you experience is over, this by no means the end of your day as there is afternoon flying demonstration session in which anyone can join and much much more!

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Available all year round.

It is advised that you book your experience at least 6-8 weeks in advance for weekdays and 8-10 weeks for weekends.


Minimum Age: 3

This ticket entitles 2x Adults & 3x Children

For this experience a child is between the ages of 3-16


Experience Duration: 01:30

Time Spent at Venue: 02:30

This experience will last 1.5 hours.

The time on site will be longer though, as there are many more things to do to turn it into a whole day out!

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Cheshire Falconry Experience - Family is for 5 participants.

Max Group Size: 5

Spectators Allowed on Site: No

Due to the nature of the experience, spectators are not permitted. An extra ticket would be required.

This is for a family of up to 5, with 2x Adults & 3x Children

Where is it Located
What to wear

Wear something comfortable and that can be worn outdoors.


This experience is weather dependent so please check with the centre upon booking.

£ 130